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USA and Brazil astounded by the coronavirus and their own conflicts

USA and Brazil astounded by the coronavirus and their own conflicts

The United States, the country with the highest number of infections and deaths from coronavirus, was once again at the center of the scene due to a private report that suggests that the number of deaths may be greater than that officially reported and due to the repercussions of its break with the Organization. World Health (WHO).

While in Brazil – the second country most affected by the virus – the already delicate political crisis deepened, in Peru there was a new record of contagions and in Paraguay alarm lights went on due to the increase in cases without links to previous infected people.

A study from Yale University, published today by The Washington Post, questioned whether the United States had crossed the barrier of 100,000 deaths from coronavirus three days ago and suggested that this may have happened earlier this month.

Only between March 1 and May 9 there were 101,600 more deaths in that country than the average for that period in previous years, which is about 26,000 more deaths than those officially reported by coronavirus in that period, according to the work.

The issue of statistics is no less in a country that, in addition to being the one most affected by the virus, has experienced a confrontation between the federal government, reluctant to take extreme preventive measures, and most administrations since the beginning of the pandemic. Regional, which decreed quarantine.

Unlike the absolute majority of countries, the United States does not publish consolidated statistics of infections and deaths in the entire country, so the main powerhouse of information on the pandemic outside the WHO, Johns Hopkins University, adds the reported data by regional governments.

In addition, the forecast of deaths by Covid-19 ranged from 50,000 to 60,000 predicted by President Donald Trump and 100,000 to 240,000 that the country’s leading epidemiologist and White House adviser, Anthony Faucet, predicted.

Statistics and expectations of coronavirus cases and deaths are crucial in a country where more and more actors demand the resumption of economic activities after more than 38 million people applied for unemployment benefits in the last two and a half months, and Congress, which approved a $ 2.2 trillion fiscal aid package, forecast an 11% contraction in the economy for the second quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, EU authorities asked Trump to “reconsider” his decision as global cooperation is “the only effective and viable way to win the battle” against the pandemic, according to a statement signed by the president of the European Commission. , Ursula von der Lien, and the high representative for foreign policy, Joseph Burrell.

In Brazil, where the central government also refuses to adopt preventive measures that the governors adopted anyway, President Jair Bolsonaro said that “everything points to a crisis”, in relation to fiscal and judicial decisions linked to investigations into him and relatives and close collaborators.

Likewise, India extended the quarantine for the country’s main cities until June 30 today, while announcing an economic revival for the areas least affected by the pandemic, hours after registering a new daily record of infected and killed by Coronavirus.

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