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Climbing Wall Hire Info

Climbing Wall Hire Info

What Is Climbing Wall Hire?

Climbing wall is a game that is hired for various events. It consists of a climbing wall Hire, harness, helmet, auto belay system, safety barriers, operators, etc. This game has been played a lot by people all over the world and it is completely safe. People can practice climbing a wall in this game and can make their events even more fun by introducing this game for children and adults both.

Why Choose Climbing Wall Hire?

Wall climbing or rock climbing is not only a sport but it is also one of the most regular exercises for building strength among people. It is also one of the most liked activities and people are more likely to be attracted to it. This game caters to four people at the same time. This game can be really competitive for people and completely safe for them to play at the same time. The game comes with fully trained staff and safety harnesses for people to have a fun yet safe experience throughout the event.

Events Fit for Climbing Wall Hire:

There are many fun event that this game can be played into. For children, this game can be played at any birthday party, school events, holidays, and other gatherings. As for adults, it can be played in university and college events, community events, street shows, corporate events, sports holidays, etc. The point is to include children and adults both to play this game which is both safe and provides a fun experience. It is fit for any place as long as the ceiling is at least 8.5 meters high. This is a game fit for both indoor and outdoor events.

Is It Safe To Rent?

Hiring a mobile rock climbing game is completely safe because it is delivered with fully trained staff and safety barriers that minimize the chance of accidents. The climbing wall is also fitted with an automatic billing system, so that if anyone makes a mistake, they will be secured from falling from a height. It also allows people to make a safe delivery towards the ground once they reach the top. There are multiple security measures for people to be safe while having fun in this game. So to answer the question, yes it is completely safe to hire rock climbing wall.


To conclude, it is safe to say that hiring a mobile rock climbing game is safe for children of all ages as well as adults. It is a game suitable for both indoor and outdoor set up. This game comes with a lot of safety harnesses as well as experienced staff members that prevent any kind of injury or accidents to occur among the people. It can be bought as well as hired. This is a game suitable for all kinds of events to make it even more interesting and attract more guests. This game is available in both pro and lite version, and is available all over UK.

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