US protests escalate - Trump threatens "evil dogs" | Latest World News - Breaking News & Top Stories
US protests escalate - Trump threatens "evil dogs"

US protests escalate – Trump threatens “evil dogs”

US protests escalate – Trump threatens “evil dogs”

After the death of There is a state of emergency in many regions of the United States after George Floyd’s death. Gunshots are fired on the police officers, and there are already deaths. People are trying to storm the CNN building. President Donald Trump threatens protesters outside the White House.

African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in the United States, there were serious riots across the country. Two police officers suffered gunshot wounds on Friday evening during protests in Oakland, California, police said. One of the officers died from his injury, CNN and other US media reports .

Police also shot at a protest demonstration in Minneapolis. This was announced by Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz on Saturday. “This is not about George’s death. This is concerned with confusion,” said the governor, mentioning to the disturbances in Minneapolis and other cities.

In Minneapolis there was a curfew at night after days of heavy riots. Despite this, numerous demonstrators took to the streets. They held up posters saying “Stop killing us” or “I can’t breathe” and demanded justice for Floyd. There were violent clashes with the police, which, according to Waltz, were also used to shoot police officers. The police in turn used tear gas and stun grenades. Shops were looted in several places.

The U.S. Department of Defense instructed the army to put military police units on alert to be deployed in Minneapolis. This was done at the request of President Donald Trump, as two people entrusted with the process said who did not want their names given. This is a very rarely taken measure: the individual US states normally mobilize the National Guard assigned to them in the event of unrest.

Shots in Detroit

In Detroit, police shot an SUV into a group of demonstrators; one person was fatally hit. In Portland, Oregon, demonstrators broke into a police station and set fire to it, officials said.

In Richmond, Virginia, a fire was lit in front of a police station and, according to a spokeswoman for the traffic agency, a bus was set on fire that burned out completely.

Clashes outside the White House

In the District of Columbia, Washington’s capital district, the National Guard was on standby when a large crowd gathered in front of the White House. There was turmoil. The Secret Service used tear gas. US President Trump confessed on Twitter: “They made the ‘protesters’ shriek and reprimand as much as they wanted, but whenever someone gambled too much or danced out of line, they quickly ambushed on him. … The front line was always replaced by new agents, like magic. Large crowd, professionally organized, but nobody came anywhere near the fence. ”

People want to storm CNN buildings

Atlanta in the state of Georgia and other cities in the surrounding area declared a state of emergency. Around 500 members of the Georgia National Guard are expected to be deployed to protect people and property, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp wrote on Twitter early Saturday morning.

According to media reports, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms had asked for it after violence in the protests following the death of Black George Floyd on Friday. Demonstrators attacked CNN’s headquarters, among others. There were also serious arguments with the police there .

Police officer charged with murder

George Floyd, 46, died on Monday after a brutal police operation. One of the four police officers involved was charged on Friday with the murder: the officer who had flopped Floyd’s neck for minutes. The African American had pleaded for help several times before losing consciousness. The scene was filmed by a passerby. Floyd was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital.

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