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Some Famous Wedding Photographers

Some Famous Wedding Photographers

Some Famous Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers are the people who capture one of the most emotional and memorable moments in one’s life. And that’s what makes them timeless and priceless at the same time.

Even though there are so many advanced cameras and photo editing tools available and anyone can learn photography online, however, a perfect wedding portrait can only be created by truly talented and expert wedding photographer.

So listed below are some of the famous wedding photographers known for their excellence in the field. So, if someone’s big day is around the corner, or you’re merely looking for inspiration this list may help.

Rambo Estrada:

He is an award winning destination photographer from New Zealand. Since eleven years he has been working and got fame for shooting weddings in unique documentary style. Besides weddings, he also loves to photograph surfers, and do travel, and landscape photography.

Sabina Sandulescu:

Sabina Sandulescu is a creative and authentic wedding photographer from Romania. She is available for shooting in any part of the world.

Fabio Mirulla:

Fabio Mirulla started his career in photography in 2015 and since then he was trying to create something really creative and unique. He has found wedding photo reportage an ideal way to express his style.

Maria Erlich:

Maria is a wedding photographer from Brazil who has earned nine awards in the last three years. She puts her heart and soul and tries her best to capture real emotions on the wedding day.

Pedro Alvarez:

He is a wedding photographer from Spain who gets his inspiration in everyday life. He creates fun, romantic and inspiring wedding photography, whatever the location, be it an exotic beach, or a local church.

Damon Pijlman:

Coming from the Netherlands Damon is a wedding photographer who loves to capture real emotions of a wedding day. His dedication and passion to photography have led his team to win national and international photography awards. The prominent features of his photography are the vibrant colors, rich contrast, which have become Damon’s unique creative vision.

Lauren Brimhall:

Lauren Brimhall is known for creating beautiful images with her amazing lighting techniques and her creative angles of shooting. Her aim is not only to capture the main events but also the minute details that add depth to her photography.

Gabriel Scharis:

Gabriel Scharis is a creative wedding photographer from Hague, Netherlands. He is also known for TV shows such as “Welcome to My Wedding” and “Gipsy Girls.” His job is his biggest passion.

Marius Barbulescu:

He is from Romania and is an award winning international photographer. He does his work so passionately that he wants to continue his work as long as he can keep the camera steady.

Isabella Hattink:

Isabella Hattink from Netherlands can turn any wedding into an engaging life story. She uses journalistic style to shoot weddings and loves spontaneous and powerful emotions.

Victor Lax:

Victor Lax is a destination wedding photographer from Spain. He thinks success lies not in taking a few god shots, but with the ability to tell a story with your pictures.

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