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Best log cake, you’ll be glad you had

Best log cake, you’ll be glad you had

Christmas is one of the best times of the year most people look forward too, with its exciting and delicious treats and foods and the log cake is quite popular during this period. Here at Emicakes we make the best yummy and fluffy log cake you can’t resist, and if buying the whole cake is quiet much for you, we have offers on getting a slice for yourself instead, we also have great delicious flavors you would love and we make use of the finest ingredients for our cakes.

Have you been craving for yummy, fluffy log cakes, and in search of the best plug for that?. Look no further, you can get the best log cakes from Emicakes.

How the log cake idea came about

The history of the log cake came from Europe’s iron age, where people would feast to celebrate the end of the winter season and to also usher in the spring season, then people will burn logs that are decorated with ivy or pinecones, then the log ashes are used for medicinal benefits and to guide against evil. These continued and families keep burning a log of wood on the eve of Christmas. Then small hearth becomes a norm and is used to bake a cake, this brought about the making of log cakes. And the Perisian bakers made the log cake popular in the 19th century, the different bakeries came up with various decorations of the log cake.

Nowadays people make log cakes at home to celebrate Christmas festivity and you can also find them in various pastry shops like ours.

What is a log cake and what does it look like?

A log cake is a cake shaped like a log,  log cakes are mostly made during Christmas, it is used to show love and share warmth among people during the festive period. We all love Christmas and always look forward to the lots of foods, treats, and gifts that come with it which also includes the finest log cakes you would definitely not want to lose out on.

Log cake consist of a filled sponge cake rolled and frosted with chocolate buttercream to make it look like tree bark, then it is festooned with spun sugar cobwebs, meringue mushrooms, and any other beautiful edible decoration to make it look more beautiful and enticing. Sponge cake which constitutes the base of the log cake is also one of the oldest cake recipes.

We have different types of log cake here at for your Christmas festivities and any time of the year.

Here is a list of our various moist, fluffy, smooth filling, caramel, fudge log cake you can get from us at any time

Chocolate log cake

Chocolate praline filled cocoa sponge cake

Milk chocolate log cake

woodland log cake

Fudge log cake

Aldifudge log cake

Salted caramel and costa chocolate log cake

And you also have the option to pick any flavor you want for your log cake, at Emicakes we are always here to serve you.

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