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Get ready for the 19-hour flight. Qantas sets record for longest trip

Get ready for the 19-hour flight. Qantas sets record for longest trip

Get ready for the 19-hour flight. Qantas sets record for longest trip

On Friday night day night, a Qantas airplane departed from New York, which set the world’s longest non-stop Commercial passenger record and didn’t hold it until it arrived in Sydney just 19 hours later.

Months of planning went into the Boeing 787-9’s 10,066-mile journey. The test assessed the health and well -being of 49 passengers and crew members who were investigated for research purposes as Australia’s largest airline offers” longers” flights.

”This is a really significant first for aviation, ”Qantas Group chief executive Alan Joyce said in a news release. ”Hopefully, it’s a preview of a regular service that will speed up how people travel from one side of the globe to the other.”

The company of the Austrian East Coast and New York are trying to launch a non-stop flight between London, Which will save passengers up to four hours. Its project, Snow Rise, will test the route from  London to Sydney in November and this year. By the end, it intends to decide whether it will offer new routes or not.

From New York to Sydney, the plan was banned from carrying passengers and luggage to control the weight of the aircraft. Medical researchers and Scientists worked with Qantas to make adjustments to cabin lighting, and in-flight meals were adjusted to reduce jet lag.

Instead of starting with dinner and then off lights, as is usually the case with night flights, the investigative flight began with lunch and a light effort was put into the mirror for the day’s destination.

The record-setting flight lands in Sydney. 

Overall, the ultra long journey went ”really smoothly,” said Qantas Capt. Sean Golding, who led the four pilots operating the service . They were happy with the trip, he said.

”We had a lot of interest from air traffic controllers as we crossed trough different airspace because of the uniqueness of this flight,” Golding sais. ” We also had a special sign-off and welcome home from the control towards in New York and Sydney, which you don’t get every day.”

Longest non-stop Commercial flight offered by Singapore Airlines is 18 hours 45 minutes from Singapore to New York.


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