Scrapping Japan Cherry blossom 'like taking hugs away from Italians': Tokyo gov | Latest World News - Breaking News & Top Stories
Scrapping Japan Cherry blossom 'like taking hugs away from Italians': Tokyo gov

Scrapping Japan Cherry blossom ‘like taking hugs away from Italians’: Tokyo gov

Tokyo governor on Thursday said preventing Japanese people from gathering to enjoy the Cherry blooming weather due to the Coronavirus is akin to hugging the Italians.

However, people are urged to refrain from traditional ”Hanami” parties where friends and family gather to dine under the blooming trees of cherry.

After a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Koike said: We discussed what to do with the ”Hanami”, It’s open The Metropolitan Government wants people to appreciate blooms.

”I think taking the Hanami from the Japanese is akin to a hug to the Italians,” he said.

”But we would like to ask people to refrain from, for example, spreading blue tarps and enjoying fun parties at Ueno Park like every year,” she added, referring to a large central Tokyo park popular with revelers.

Meteorologists expert cherry blossoms to begin talking March 17 in Tokyo.

Koike has previously said that indoor events hosted by her organisation or involving food would be postponed or cancelled between February 22 and March 15.

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