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7 Uses of Lime Plaster You Should Explore

7 Uses of Lime Plaster You Should Explore

Lime plaster is the one construction material that has been increasing in demand over the years. This is not only because of its incredible qualities, but also the diversity in its use. Lime plastering is used in all architectural designs to produce beautiful and unique finishes. With construction in mind, when do you need lime plastering services? Every time you have a construction or renovation project. There are many uses of lime plaster in construction, and here is a list of seven.

Stove Hood

When you want to try out how good lime plaster will work out, you can have a trial run on a small project like stove hood. Lime plaster is substantive in this case because of the heat and moisture emitted from cooking.  Lime plaster can absorb this moisture and release it into the atmosphere. It protects the stone hood surface against dampness which would otherwise weaken the hood.

Stone and Brick Walls

Lime plaster is not necessarily for a plain surface. If you have a stone or brick wall and you want to give it a smooth finish, lime plaster will prove to be a viable option. A brush is used to apply the lime plaster slurry. The effect is a smooth and even surface.

Internal and External Walls

Depending on the characteristics of the wall, three or two coats of lime plaster can be applied. For uneven surfaces, three coats are advised. 

  • The scratch coat is the first coat and it is applied to solid walls. This coat takes approximately two weeks to cure. It is watered before the second coat is applied.


  •  The second coat known as straightening coat is applied to level the surface either vertically or horizontally. This coat can take up to three days to cure depending on the weather condition.


  • Finally, the finishing coat is applied. Depending on the final look you aspire to achieve on your wall, this coat can either be slightly rough or smooth. 

Two coats are used when there is no need to make the walls even. Here the lime plaster flows with the original wall’s contour. It is also used on flat surfaces. Apply the base coat first then the finish coat.

Lime takes years to cure and it gets stronger with every passing year. You are assured of a high-quality wall that will serve your family for generations.

Improve Staircases

A staircase is another area in your house where lime plastering is ideal. The staircase will blend perfectly with your walls. 

Renovation of Old buildings. 

Lime plaster renovation is ideal on old houses or even recent ones that lime was used for plastering. If it’s a small portion of the wall that is damaged, then a matching plaster mix is used to repair the damage. However, when the damage cannot be repaired like this, a complete re-render is needed. A limewash is applied after the process for a new look.

Add Color to your Wall

Lime plastering is quite versatile. When used on your walls, lime plaster refracts light making it emit a bright color. As the intensity of the sun increases, lime plaster shifts its bright color. Apart from this magnificent quality, you can highlight your walls with your desired color.

  • The plaster will change its look depending on the color of sand it is mixed with. You can choose from the variety of pigments from synthetic to natural pigments. The pigment is added at the mixing stage such that it completely blends in the mortar. Though the pigments are quite expensive, the end product is worth investing in.


  • Another option would be to use a lime wash. This is a result of mixing lime and water.  The mix is applied to your walls. Apart from binding perfectly with the lime plaster, the plaster retains its refraction quality.


  • Lastly, you can decide to add color pigment to the limewash. Here, the pigments are more visible on your wall as compared to when the pigment is added to the plaster mix.

Lime Plaster Ceiling Repair

Lime plastering is used in repairing ceilings that have either been damaged by water or is collapsing. The construction team supports the ceiling, fix the damaged area before placing a steel wire mesh on which the lime plaster is poured.  The process ensures a strong ceiling that’s durable.

Lime plaster covers all types of construction whether it’s a renovation or a new building; your home or commercial property. If you need a facelift in your property, consult a lime plastering company. As experts, they can assess your property and give you the best available option. 

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