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Reduce Eczema Symptoms with These Tips from Grahams Skincare

Reduce Eczema Symptoms with These Tips from Grahams Skincare

One of the most important things to do when it comes to the management of eczema symptoms is reducing skin irritation. Grahams Natural is a skin care range for people with just this issue. Created by Geoff and Shannon Graham, the product was developed for personal reasons and required a lot of research into skin care. They know a lot about the matter and have helped us create this piece of content below. 

You should not scratch or rub the skin

When you do this, you worsen the itch from atopic dermatitis. When you feel like your skin is itchy or dry, apply moisturizer.

Always wash new clothes before you wear them

Cleaning is going to help in removing formaldehyde and any other irritating chemicals that might have been used when producing or packing the clothes. If you are still worried about soap, consider adding a second rinse to the cycle. Laundry detergent like dye or perfume can cause irritation if it remains in your clothing. Another option is to change to a liquid or milder detergent.

Choose garments that allow air to move easily to your skin

Loose-fitting, open weave, and cotton-blend clothing is going to prove to be a great option for people with atopic dermatitis. You should stay away from clothes made from wool.

Keep cool at night

Make your bedroom comfortable by maintaining a constant temperature and humidity level.

Keep fingernails short

Ensure your fingernails are always short and smooth to prevent damage when you scratch yourself.

Use antihistamines to reduce itching

When you use sedating antihistamines appropriately, it can help reduce itching to some degree because it has sedative and tranquilizing effects.

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Regularly use sunscreen because it will help in avoiding sunburns

You should choose a sunscreen that comes with an SPF of 15 or higher. Sunscreens for the face tend to be less irritating compared to the regular ones, which is good for people suffering from atopic dermatitis.

Always shower after swimming

The residual chlorine or bromine that people have after swimming can cause irritation. After swimming, take a bath or quick shower, where you wash yourself using a mild cleaner for your entire body, and then use the appropriate moisturizer on the areas affected by eczema.

Soak and Seal Eczema Treatment

This procedure is a good way of retaining moisture in dry and irritated skin as a result of eczema. Take a look at Grahams Natural for a range of natural skin care products.

Stay Away From Things Making Your Rashes and Itches Worse

There are some things that usually worsen rash and itches of atopic dermatitis. This will vary from one person to another, all you need to do is avoid irritants that make things worse for you.

Eczema Action Plan

Having such an action plan will help in controlling the symptoms. You will be able to know what to do if your skin becomes itchy, dry, or has a rash.

Recognize Signs of Skin Infections

Skin infections are common in people suffering from atopic dermatitis because the condition causes damage to the skin barrier. If not promptly treated, the infections can end up being serious, making it important to know the symptoms:

Bumps filled with pus or oozing fluid


Increased redness

Cold sores or fever blisters

If you happen to notice these signs, seek medical help as soon as possible. The healthcare provider is going to help in treatment and medication.

When Do You Need to Consult a Healthcare Provider Concerning Eczema?

Selfcare is the goal when it comes to managing atopic dermatitis, but it is important to contact a health care provider when;

There are signs of infections

There is a change in itching or severity of the rash

Eczema is categorized into severe, moderate, and mild. Depending on how they feel, patients can fall into one of the three categories. If you start changing from one category to another, talk to a healthcare provider as soon as possible. They will help in suggesting changes to your medication and treatment.

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