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10 High-paying jobs, you can get without a college degree

10 High-paying jobs, you can get without a college degree

People think that the way to a bright future is Collage. This is not always the truth. The cost of tuition, books can be expensive, so it drives many into thousands of dollars in debt. While college grads certainly earn higher wages, some still make relatively little because they don’t like their job. There are jobs that don’t require a high school diploma and yet they are paid very well. It goes without saying that with other considerations, salary is always a major factor when choosing a career field.

While some of the employers don’t require a college degree, many other jobs may require a state license or additional training. For example, real estate brokers need to take state-accredited courses.

Hospitals, manufacturers,  IT companies, state governments, schools, and other organizations are searching for employees with just the right skills, rather than some degrees. In some fields, It is even offered to do paid training programs for job candidates.

Here is a list of 10 high-paying jobs, they don’t require a four-year degree and they surely offer good salaries.

Check out it and maybe you will find the right fit for you:

1. Electronics engineering technicians

The great field for people who like to rebuild stuff. As an engineering technician, you will build, design, repair, and maintain for staff. The annual salary is 57,850$. The right vocational program will help you to get this job.

Electrical Engineering Technicians work on electrical control systems and equipment, they often work under the supervision of an Electrical Engineer. The firms are expected to have a bigger need for Electrical Engineering technicians because they seek lower costs.

A review of the current job identified the following responsibilities:

Install Systems

Evaluate Systems

Create Documentation

2. Executive Assistant

The executive assistant manages the boss’s calendar, meetings, and takes messages.  They also are tasked with providing high-level administrative support. An executive assistant’s role can include preparing research reports, analyzing documents, and sometimes supervising cleric staff.

3. Real-estate brokers

A real estate broker works to negotiate and arrange transactions. This licensed individual has duties including writing contracts and doing transactions for sales and purchasing activities. If the broker has a high-level license, then a real estate agent and the broker can work together.

4. Sound Engineering Technician

A career in sound engineering is very appealing for those who love music. This field can take you to a diversity of places – from the theatre performances to tv, concerts, and movie sets. Sound Engineering Technician is tasked with audio equipment ensuring that microphones are the best quality and everything is working well. They are operating the performances or events and they also can record and synchronize the sounds. Their median salary is $52, 390. The unemployment rate of 5%.

5. Casino dealer

Although many people think that this job is questionable, it doesn’t change the fact that you can work as a casino dealer without any degree. Their annual salary is $45.200 on average. Their ultimate duties are operating the tables and just knowing how the game works. They operate giving money to winners and collecting losses. There are many jobs as live casino dealers too. If you like to experience things like this without having to go to an offline casino you can check a live dealer casino to understand how it works. This particular version is getting a bit more as beginner dealers like talking to a camera more than actual customers at a table.

6. Detectives and investigators

Another job to try is detectives and criminal investigators. They assist in law enforcement. One may hire a private investigator to track down suspected violations. The median salary is $74 000 and it is in demand.

7. Makeup artists

Nearly 25% of professional makeup artists don’t have a high school diploma. The average makeup artist’s salary in a year is $81,600. It’s more than an average salary. However, they do require training at a cosmetology school.

8. Computer security analyst   

Security analysts install software to protect computer networks. They plan security measures to protect computer systems. They are making sure that the number of cyberattacks decreases. They need analytical skills. Communication and collaboration is also an important part of it. Most of the time this kind of person is very creative and detail-oriented, they gave a nice knowledge of technology and science. Security analyst earns on average $99.730 in a year.

9. Firefighters

If you are one of those people who like danger and extreme, firefighting is for you. Are you ready to notice everything and protect lives? Then This is your field. Of course, there are many challenges and one must have very strong mental health to deal with some moments without any damage. Their median income is $49,620 and the job growth is 5%.

  10. Bookkeeper

You need some classes here but now high education. The annual salary is $40,240. You can start working as a Bookkeeper even without experience. As a bookkeeper one must do financial records and make sure that they are correct. Basic math and computer skills are enough to deal with all the requirements. If you have no education at all you can attend some postsecondary classes and you will already have the right skills to start a job.

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