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Light up the Night With These Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Are you throwing a bachelorette party for the first time and don’t know where to start? From coming up with a party theme to putting together party favors, organizing an event for a group of people can be challenging.

Luckily, with a little creativity and help from the other bridesmaids, you can throw the bride-to-be a party she’ll never forget! Whether she prefers a more intimate gathering with her best gals or a big wild party, you can honor her wishes and still have an amazing time.

Here’s a list of the most exciting and fun bachelorette party ideas to help you get inspired for this special event.

Spend a Day at the Beach

Whether you have a beach where you live or need to travel a little to get to one, a coastal bachelorette party is the perfect setting for an unforgettable day.

You can organize a picnic with sweet and savory delicacies, wine and cheese, champagne, and fun games to play. Don’t forget to bring photo props to take pictures along with Bluetooth speakers so you can dance and have fun.

A Bachelorette Weekend To the Countryside

Though Las Vegas is the most popular destination for a bachelorette party, you don’t have to go there to have a good time. Surprise the bride with a weekend away to the countryside on a beautiful property where you’ll have the house all to yourselves.

You can try all the local cafes and restaurants, sign up for fun events, take a day trip to a nearby town to go shopping, and throw a huge party in the property backyard under the stars.

Bring some extra blankets in case it gets chilly, some snacks, fairy lights, and a list of activities you’d like to do or places to visit. The countryside is not for everyone, so make sure the bride-to-be is the type of person that doesn’t mind getting a little dirty.

Bachelorette Game Night

If the bride prefers to stay at home and have fun with her girlfriends, you’ll need some bachelorette party game ideas to make the evening even more exciting.

Some of the best bachelorette games include:

  • He Said/She Said
  • Scavenger hunt
  • What’s on your phone/What’s in your purse
  • Drink if…
  • Truth or Dare
  • Never Have I Ever
  • The Groom Quiz
  • How well do you know the bachelorette?

Spice the evening up with custom t-shirts or robes, snacks, lots of champagne, and music!

Spa Day in a Luxury Hotel

There’s nothing better than spending an entire day in a luxury hotel or spa, sipping champagne, and laughing with the bride and bridesmaids. If you’re looking for wild bachelorette party ideas, this is the ultimate girls’ party that can start off with massages and spa treatments and end with a fancy bachelorette dinner at the hotel.

You can also organize a spa day at home if you have the space and supplies. You can do each other’s hair and nails, practice wedding hairstyles and makeup, try on dresses, make cookies, and play games.

Wine Tasting or Vineyard Tour

One of the most exciting bachelorette party ideas is attending a wine tasting event or going for a vineyard tour. Whether you want to visit Napa Valley’s incredible vineyards or head to New York state for some exclusive wine tasting, make sure to arrange group event transportation so you can all travel together.

Don’t forget to bring some food and snacks for the road as well as some party favors for when you arrive. Some wineries may even let your group stomp the grapes which is a very exciting and unique experience. You can then do a vineyard photoshoot, do some tasting, and even make your own wine.

Another similar option is visiting a beer or whisky brewery nearby where you can make your own beer and give it a special name. You can also go on a tour of micro-breweries in your area and visit a couple of facilities before you sit down for a bachelorette brunch.

Go on a Sunset Cruise

A day on the water with her best friends is just what she needs to relax and have some fun before her big day! Make sure to reserve an entire boat just for your group so the party is more personal and special.

Prepare some fun nautical bachelorette party favors for the sail as well. You can include mini rose champagne bottles, personalized beach hats, beach towels, flip flops, balloons, chocolate, and custom t-shirts.

As you sail into the sunset, you can prepare a speech for the bride (if you’re the maid of honor) and do a fun photoshoot with stunning backdrops.

Go Thrill Seeking

Bungee jumping and ziplining are great for an adrenaline rush bachelorette party, but before you sign everyone up, make sure they’re all up for it, including the bride.

If you have everyone’s permission, a day exploring your wild side is a great way to make new memories and throw a very unique thrill-seeking bachelorette party.

Whether you go bungee jumping, rock climbing, parasailing, or tightrope walking, the feeling of adventure will leave you and the bride with amazing memories.

If you want something a little safer but equally as fun, try pole dancing classes, trapeze classes, or a day at the amusement park. You can also go glamping for a day and experience the wilderness all cozied up in fancy tents or cabins sipping wine and telling scary stories.

Throw the Bride-To-Be an Unforgettable Party With These Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Whether you want to throw a huge party and go out on the town or prefer a more private setting of close friends playing games and having fun, these fun bachelorette party ideas will give you plenty of room for creativity.

From day trips to the beach or countryside to chartering a sunset cruise with champagne in hand, you can surprise the bride-to-be and make her special day unforgettable!

Need more party ideas and party favors? Check out some of the other articles we have on these topics and check this space for more of the latest lifestyle and wedding trends and news.


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