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How to write a good Instagram profile to impress your followers

But beyond that, they all have something in common: the followers and their desire to get more every day.Even if you are not a multinational like Nike, or a superstar like  Selena Gómez , nothing prevents you from adding followers to your account just by taking a look at your profile.

But you must impress them. And that is what we are here for. We want to tell you  how to have a good Instagram profile , attractive, irresistible and so eloquent that no one can remain indifferent.

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How to write a good Instagram bio

When people land on your profile, they must immediately answer a series of basic questions:

– Who are you?

– What are you doing?

– Why should they follow you?

If your profile can’t answer those questions within ten seconds, you’ve missed your chance to get a follower.

And that’s something you can’t afford.

So get to work.

Create Your Avatar

It seems elementary, but choosing the right avatar is easier said than done.

Currently, the dimensions of a profile picture on Instagram are 110 × 100 pixels for mobile devices, but since avatars look slightly larger on desktop computers, it makes sense to upload a larger photo. Instagram will automatically resize it. Just make sure to crop it to a 1: 0 ratio, so you don’t lose parts of your image.


Always make sure your avatar is high quality, not pixelated, and looks good on any device.

If you are a brand, choose your own logo.

If you are not a brand, put a photo of yourself showing what you are best at, preferably describing your work.

Always choose something memorable, something that stands out and make sure your avatar matches the color palette of your entire feed.

May Your Name Define You

The second step in creating a perfect Instagram bio is to make sure your name is, in fact, your name and not your Instagram username.

The thing is, your name and your username are the only two factors that Instagram takes into account when responding to people’s search queries. If people decide to search for you on Instagram, they will use your real name or your brand name, so it is super important that your name matches your name on Instagram.

But, of course, another way they can find you is through keywords. When you put a keyword next to your name, you are tripling your scores in user searches. Think of a target keyword that your potential users will use to search for inspiring accounts, great hashtags, or specific locations to follow.

Suppose you want to attract a target audience based in Malaga, it is best if you add the word “Malaga” next to your name.


Make sure to use your real name on Instagram.

Add a destination keyword in addition to your name.

Become Easily Scannable

As we said earlier, you only have one blink to make a good impression.

On Instagram, as in life itself, first impressions are what count.

Therefore, you must transform your biography into a QR code, that is, a quick response code.

This way, when users scan your profile, they can instantly know what your value proposition is.


How do you do that?

Once again, keywords are your best allies. By adding target keywords to your profile, you are setting a clear expectation for users to know what type of content they can find on your account.

In addition, you should also take advantage of the Instagram feature that allows you to add hashtags and profile links in your bio. It is a perfect place to promote your brand hashtag, which is also possible to follow.

If you want to add hashtags and profile links to Instagram, it’s easy to do so.

You should click on “Edit Profile” and look for the “Bio” section.

It is important that you prioritize the use of keywords that are related to your niche and that your target audience understands, because this will make it clear what you represent, what you have to offer, and whether or not your account is relevant to they.

Ultimately, it is one of the determining factors in the “follow-up” consideration process. So don’t ignore it! The keywords or hashtag should basically represent your strongest skills or interests. So if you have a particular skill that you want to be recognized for, include it in your bio!

If you don’t know what that skill is, take a look at accounts similar to yours and see what sets you apart from them. Do you have something unique to offer? Think of your bio as a CV, in which you present your best skills.


May Your Personal Touch Never Miss

So far we have seen the most important practices to build a striking profile on Instagram. We talk about keywords, the importance of including a URL, promoted hashtags, and even the care you must take in choosing the name.

Now the final touch is to add some personality to your bio. 

Not sure where to start?

Did you come up with a fun sentence that represents your brand well? Does your brand align with a character in history?

Keep thinking.


Emojis can be inspiring too. You can use them to space the text when you write your biography paragraph. If you need to add newlines, you should go to “Edit Profile” in your Instagram settings   and click on “Bio”.

From there, you can break down your bio by clicking the “Back” button. Just remember that line breaks don’t appear on the desktop, which is why emojis are so useful for breaking text into parts. Emojis are also useful when you want to emphasize different keywords in your bio, which help you get your message across visually.

It doesn’t matter how far you want to go with your Instagram account, although if you are a digital entrepreneur, you will surely want to reach infinity and beyond.

That is why it is important that in those  150 characters of your Instagram profile , they become an unlimited power for your brand. You must tell your audience what they can expect from you when they decide to follow your profile. You must conquer them in ten seconds to convince them to follow you.

Therefore, you must connect with your profile with people at a real level, getting more followers who land on your website or in your e-commerce. he perfect bio could be fun, serious, include social proof, or help build a community.


You will need to assess what your target audience wants and find out what works best for your brand. Because when you optimize your Instagram profile, you help the traffic relevant to your business to finally become your customer.


And now we are curious,  what type of Instagram profile works the most for your brand?


Of course, all of them must think that peace is a universal value that must always be defended.

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