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Instant gaming account for your gaming business

Instant gaming account for your gaming business

What would be the point in opening a casino only to have it lose valuable profit or, in some cases, have your merchant account suspended or closed? The whole notion about starting an online casino merchant business is to make money and to use all avenues available for optimal customer attraction, correct?

You may be thinking you’re doing just that: you’re making money, customers are playing and things are going well. Why would you need to learn more about how to open a merchant account? What’s in it for you? — Well, it’s universally acknowledged in this online gaming industry that the bottom line is to keep people happy so that they keep on betting. New customers are also needed.

iPayTotal, an experienced online merchant provider with well-formed connections with many offshore acquiring banks, says that there may be “a few things you ought to know to improve your income and lower your risks and losses”.

Here’s what the experts in the online gaming industry have to say: —

If you also want a bigger portion of the £14.3 bn in the average yearly gambling yield (in Great Britain alone) then there may be a few things you should consider regarding your online gaming business.

✓ Expand your gaming reach

The best way to expand your reach and acquire more customers is to go online. Now, although you may be doing that already, it may be a limited one in that your gaming business has not been approved to accept credit cards for secure online payment processing. The reason for this is that the gaming industry, as you are aware, is considered high risk by banking institutions and credit card companies.

However, there is a way around this. iPayTotal specialises in helping high-risk businesses become merchants who can accept online payments through a secure gateway. By having a stronger online presence, the profits are there for the taking, in larger numbers than you can imagine. It’s more convenient for players to use their cards than to make direct deposits. It also saves so much time.

✓ Make your customers comfortable

If your customers feel uncomfortable or uncertain regarding your website, they may not be as willing to play on your site as they would another site that is secure (SSL). The only way you can ensure that players will return and use your gaming business is to make them feel comfortable and safe. This is money we are talking about—and people take their money seriously, which means your gaming business should also.

iPayTotal offers a solution that will make your online gaming merchant account free from fraud, and completely safe to ensure your customers have peace of mind when buying credits and using your website. With a state-of-the-art technology in the form of 3D fraud protection processing, you can be sure that iPayTotal has your website fully protected, keeping your customer satisfied all the time.

✓ Minimise losses

Losses are inevitable, especially with an online gaming merchant account. Though the aim of a gaming business is to ensure the House always wins, there are other aspects of “business”

for which a well-structured gambling plaZorm doesn’t even have control; that is, ‘chargebacks’. With chargebacks, you cannot guess what your monthly refund loss will be. Nor can you conjecture the reason for the chargeback.

People o^en become emotional when they lose, and instinctively want their money back. However, with a solution, a built-in solution, with the help of iPayTotal, you can reduce your chargebacks dramatically. iPayTotal also has the best advice such as ensuring your billing descriptors clearly state your business name. Contact iPayTotal for more advice on how to reduce your chargeback rate.

How you can achieve the above is by one move; that is, by opening a gaming merchant account with iPayTotal today. By doing so, you’re already covering the basics of enhancing your website to strengthen it against fraud with the latest technology available; and by allowing your casino merchant account to operate globally or online, your reach and profit will be exponentially higher than ever before.

It’s time to rethink and reposition your gaming online business, and become a fully operational gaming merchant, having all the tools at your fingertips, thanks to iPayTotal’s unique merchant services, including a 24/7 customer support team, ready to handle any query regarding your gaming merchant account.

If you think you’re ready, if you think your gaming account needs to up the ante, then contact

iPayTotal today and make the choice that’s better for your business.

Call +44 800 776 5988. We are waiting to hear from you.

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