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Modere Liquid Gold

Modere Liquid Gold

Modere Liquid Gold aka Trim. The reviews, does it really work? Is it something that you want to invest your time and money into? That’s what we’re going to be talking about in today’s video, and how Trim is a multi-patented collagen weight loss system that is done by Modere and that is going to knock your socks off. And hey, if we’re just meeting, my name’s Julie Reynolds and I help network marketers brand themselves and bring their business online, so make sure you subscribe to this channel, turn on your notifications so that you never miss out.

So let’s talk about this Trim, aka Liquid Gold. It’s probably what you’ve heard the most about, and it’s because it’s been awarded so many different weight loss awards in the industry, and this is what it is. This is our Trim. It comes like this, it comes in chocolate, coconut lime, vanilla, and lemon, all right. I personally love the coconut lime. I love the chocolate. You take one spoonful in the morning, make sure you refrigerate it, it needs to be refrigerated. You take one spoonful in the morning, and that’s what I love about Trim and the Lean Body Sculpting System is that it’s so simple and so easy to take, and what makes Trim so unique is that it has our award winning collagen. It’s got seven international patents, but it also has CLA, and CLA is clinically proven to shrink fat cells. Now, not all CLA is created equal, as there is a clinical strength dose that is not usually found in your local department stores or your local pharmacies, but this Trim does have clinical strength CLA which is proven to shrink fat cells.

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All right, so that’s the Liquid Gold. That’s probably what you guys have heard the most about. What I recommend doing is partnering it with our Lean Body Sculpting System. So our Lean Body Sculpting System includes the Trim that I just described, but it also comes with our Burn, and our Burn, you take three capsules. You can take it morning, afternoon, one in the morning, two in the afternoon. If you’re caffeine sensitive, definitely make sure you break it up. But if you’re not caffeine sensitive, I just pop three of these in the morning. They give me energy. They give me focus. They speed up my metabolism, but the best part is, is they don’t give me the jitters, right? Some of those weight loss supplements, they kind of make you all jittery and everything, that doesn’t happen with our Burn. So it is definitely going to speed up your metabolism.

And then what also comes in the Lean Body Sculpting System is our Activate. And our Activate is a three-day eating cleanse. You take it at night before bed. You want to mix it with about a cup of water over ice. Definitely make sure you put it over ice because it doesn’t taste great, and you drink it, and it just kind of cleans your body out. But it doesn’t make you have to run to the bathroom, so to speak.

That is Modere Trim AKA Liquid Gold. This is what everybody is talking about. This is what people want, can’t wait to get their hands on. Paired with our Lean Body Sculpting System, it is the perfect 10. It literally shrinks your fat cells. It helps you gain muscle, and it has just been a game changer for so many, millions of pounds lost.

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