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Food is an important thing that sustains life in every person. There are many varieties of food in Australia that is a representation of their historical and cultural influence. The food of the Aussies ranges from baked items to mushed purees. Therefore, the necessary kitchen appliances in every Aussie household includes a blender, microwave, toaster and many more.


The varieties and innovations in these appliances create a much better cooking experience; for instance, the BooseBlend portable blender aids in a much easier blending of smoothies and fruit juices. Here are a few innovative kitchen appliances that help in more relaxed cooking.


  1. Oven: There are a lot of innovations in the types of microwaves in Australia. There are added features for safety such as cool-touch glass doors, chrome side racks and removable inner glass doors. They also help in easy removal of fats and oils that build up inside the ovens with use. 


There has been an increase in the functions and capacity of the ovens with programmable timers and cavity cooling systems with ventilations. They also have self-cleaning pyrolytic and french front door features with steam and combination steam functions. The innovations in microwaves make it an indispensable part of anyone’s kitchen.


  1. Blenders: The innovation in blenders in Australia has undergone a tremendous change over time. There are even BooseBlend portable blenders which can be carried around easily to workplaces and gyms. They are lightweight and rechargeable, making it applicable not just for the kitchen. 


There are also hand blenders of various types, available for mixing cake batters and pureeing. They are also used for blending spices with attributes that offer an easy to clean facility. Bullet and two-way blenders with optimum and powerful motors are other innovations in the area. Increase in capacities and reduction in noise are some extra features that are innovations in the blenders of Australia. 


  1. Refrigerators: Counter depth refrigerators are significant additions to the kitchen innovations. They are of the same depth of the kitchen countertops so that the front aligns with the edge. There are facilities for compartmentalising micro-climates in a fridge based on the food that is stored. 


The temperature control between the refrigerator and the freezer prevents air exchange, making the fridge odourless. It also has charcoal and chitosan to add to the effect. The facility for fast freezing with larger capacity makes it advantageous for big families. There are also self-closing doors which are very useful.


  1. Toasters: The innovations of a toaster involves provision for toasting and also heating sausages or bacon, making breakfast an easy process. Some toasters come with the facility for a mini oven which is large enough to accommodate at least two slices of pizza. 


There are also integrated warming racks with independent operations to eject, defrost and reheat. There are also flatbed toasters, which help in the toasting of the bread of any size. It can complement a countertop or a buffet station with minimal storage facility. 



Innovations in kitchen applications make the process of cooking more comfortable and enjoyable. It can also reduce the cost of spending for more, as one appliance can do the task of three. Moreover, innovations are proof that man is getting better in his intellectual capacity in making our lives simpler and more enjoyable.


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