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4 Reasons to Use a Native Call Centre for Microsoft Teams

Following the pending closure of Skype for Business in 2021, Microsoft Teams has emerged as the top choice for business communication. After all, it offers many impressive features, one of which is integration with a contact center. 

With the Microsoft Teams calling feature, a company can connect with its customers and hear their feedback and insights. 

While you may want to set up your contact center in another part of the world, it pays to have a team within physical reach. This is especially the case if you plan on using Microsoft Teams for your business.

So why use a native call centre for Microsoft Teams, anyway? Well, here are four good reasons: 

Reason #1: Better Call Quality

With native teams, your enterprise doesn’t have to worry about disruptions with the audio stream. 

That’s because the voice packets stay within the MS Teams environment. This stream doesn’t have to travel through supplier servers, affecting and even worsening calling quality. 

More than just being annoying, a low-quality phone call can reflect poorly on your customer. This gives clients the impression that you don’t value their business. 

Since this can severely affect your brand, using a native contact centre for your Microsoft Teams system proves to be the best way to go. 

Reason #2: Easier Access to Other Departments

Call center agents, while the first people to interact with a customer, are not the last. More often than not, the customers will require another form of support. 

This is one of the reasons why you need a Microsoft Teams contact center in your locality. 

Routing a call to another office may take some time, especially if you have a Microsoft Teams calling center somewhere. This may pose a problem in terms of customer service, as people want immediate solutions. 

With a connected contact center, you get to provide the needed services quickly. That’s because the system is linked seamlessly to the offices that offer the required service. 

Reason #3: Increased Productivity and Efficiency

A contact center for Microsoft Teams goes beyond mere calling capabilities. With this solution, you can experience better productivity and efficiency. 

These are made possible by the following features:

Direct Routing (Connect)

With the direct routing integration, your contact center for Microsoft Teams can enjoy direct dialing capabilities straight from the Microsoft 365 system. 

In other words, your agents can make and receive phone calls, send chats, start video calls, and do partner conferencing within one business solution. 

Connect and Extend 

With this, the native teams play the role of telephony carrier alongside the Microsoft Office 365 platform. This is made possible by using apps such as the Teams Phone System, Teams Graph APIs, Teams Client Platform, and MS Graph Cloud Communications APIs.

Through this solution, agents are given contextual notes that correlate data from various systems. That way, they can avoid switching in terms of communications and collaboration, as this could be quite costly on your part. 

Extend and Power

Partners can craft native Azure-based voice apps that make use of the Microsoft Teams calling infrastructure. 

Doing so provides integrated solutions not only to native call centers but to non-native agents as well. That’s because it makes use of the computation, storage, and analytics services offered by Azure and Microsoft Teams’ global cloud communication systems. 

With this, contact centers can enjoy a better omnichannel communication experience for improved productivity. 

Reason #4: Higher Customer Satisfaction Rates

An MS Teams contact centre is vital for every company, whether big or small. Through this, you could offer your patrons the services they need 24/7. From answering questions to providing solutions, a call center can make your clients happy.

That said, using a native-based call center for Microsoft Teams offers many other benefits for your company. 

As mentioned, it provides unparalleled availability. It doesn’t matter whether it’s nighttime or the weekend — your customers will get the solution they need. 

Add to that, a native Microsoft Teams call center can help bring in speedy support. Just a few seconds of waiting and your customers get the service they need. They don’t have to undergo the toils of real-life support, such as driving to your store or queuing up for a long line. 

Microsoft Teams also allows for call recording, which is needed to comply with various statutes. At the same time, it helps protect users’ privacy with audio redaction and transcription hashing, among many other things. 

With this feature, you can save data from phone calls that:

  • Fulfill a contract
  • Protect a participant or partner
  • Meet a legal requirement
  • Satisfy public interest or official authority
  • Provide a legitimate benefit

There you have it – the answers to the burning question, “Why use a native call centre for Microsoft Teams?” With these four compelling reasons, Teams proves to be the best system for any line of work. 


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