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The Indisputable Valentine Gift – Show Your Love with This Top 5 Blooms


When February lands on the calendar, everyone will be giddily anticipating Valentine’s day. It is that special time of the year when you show your significant other that you care. Although you might be professing your love all year-round with small gestures, Valentine’s day is the day to send your ultimate message of love. Flowers are a powerful gift that can instantly lift you and your special someone’s mood on the day of love. However, you might want to consider a vendor offering same-day flower delivery for the freshest blooms to give your loved one on this all-important day of the year.



It comes as no surprise that roses will be on the top of the list for lovers in every corner of the world. According to data, at least half of the flowers bought on Valentine’s Day would be red roses. It only makes sense since they have a heavenly scent and stunning beauty. Additionally, they are a classic symbol of romance and passion. However, don’t think that red roses are your only option, especially if you think that a different colour would best suit your significant other. Explore the 150 varieties of roses and try to see if there is an even more perfect option that can fit your valentine perfectly.



Carnations are distinct for their colour and ruffles. It is another extremely popular flower, just behind roses. Carnations exude a feminine appeal and are affordably priced. These flowers are the perfect gift if you are in the early stages of a relationship. It sends a message of no commitments, just yet. Carnations convey fascination. There are plenty of carnations colours to choose from. Choose the best colour that can match the style and personality of your valentine. The carnations that you give will be sitting on your loved one’s vase for weeks since they are long-lasting cut flowers.


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Lilies are elegant looking and maybe the perfect blossoms to give on Valentine’s Day. They are available in pink, white, orange, and red colours. If your valentine has ultra-sophisticated tastes, you might want to offer them Casablanca lilies. You might also want to consider Oriental white lilies which have an uplifting fragrance. If you find that these flowers are not available in your local flower shop, you have the option of same-day flower delivery, and you order online.


These blooms are otherwise known as Peruvian Lily. This flower is also a popular choice on Valentine’s Day. It is an understated flower that can fit in any bouquet. It complements the beauty of other flowers, especially roses and lavenders. Alstroemeria is distinct for its delicate and eye-catching petals. It also helps that these cut flowers are long-lasting. Alstroemeria is a symbol of or represents devotion. Express your undying love to that special valentine with these flowers. Also, Alstroemeria will have multiple blooms in each stem. They help fill out a bouquet and add volume and extravagance.



Tulips are simple, making them the perfect flowers for a valentine with traditional taste and understated style. It may not look elaborate compared to other flowers, but they give you the option of extensive colours. Tulips are available in every colour imaginable. You can choose a hue that you believe will match the personality of your sweetheart. Tulips represent love, so it may just be one of the best flowers to present on Valentine’s day.


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Flowers are a traditional Valentine’s day gift. Your significant other will be expecting a bouquet on this date. Giving flowers completes the ritual of Valentine’s day and the fresh and wide-ranging blooms help you send your message of love.

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