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12 Easy and Budget Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Rented Apartment

12 Easy and Budget Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Rented Apartment

As an apartment tenant, upgrading your rental is quite a challenge. Aside from the rules and regulations that restricts major improvements; the fact that you will eventually vacate the place sooner or later makes it difficult to justify spending for upgrades.

But that doesn’t mean you have to settle with its current look and state. It doesn’t mean that you can’t make any kind of improvement at all. With a little bit of creativity, you can make your rented apartment like it’s your very own place.

Below are some tips and tricks that can easily upgrade the apartments for rent in Michigan without spending too much time, money and effort.

Change cabinet knobs and handles

Remove the current cabinet handles and replace it with the ones that you already own. You can either buy or create new ones to make it look more personal. Accessories, like stickers or paint, can also add a personal touch to it.

Change shower head

Change the existing shower head of your rental home to something more personal and suitable on your taste.

Add indoor plants

Add plants inside your rented home. You can place potted plants on the corners or put some fresh flowers on top of your kitchen table.

Paint your wall

Ask your landlord’s permission first before doing so. Changing the wall paint is a surefire way to improve the looks and feel of your rented home.

Washi tape your wall

If painting is not an option, buy some washi tapes and decorate your rented wall. You can find lots of inspirations via Pinterest and YouTube.

Hang artworks

It can be a vintage painting, photos, old magazine clippings and colorful fabric. You can also use your prized collection to decorate your wall.

Change the faucet


Just make sure to keep and store the original ones in a safe place. Simply put them back in when it’s time for you to vacate the rental.

Use small rugs for the hallway

Pick small rugs for your hallway. This way, you can freely place and position them in any way you wanted.

Change lighting fixtures

Replace old and boring looking light fixtures with new or modern ones. Aside from upgrading its looks, you can surely save a lot since modern fixtures consume less energy.

Throw pillows

Using throw pillows can help in adding more color and life in your home. Use them in your living room or bedroom.

Layer your light

Place a lamp or two on floor level. Place some on desks, shelves and in various levels. The idea here is to layer your lighting to give your home a more personalized look and feel.

Use floating shelves

Claim those walls and corners and use them as extra storage space. Install floating shelves at it to store some of your books and accessories.

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