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Top 5 Professions Dominated By Women – Know Before Regret!

Throughout history, the well-known role of women in society has assured the stability, progress, along with the long-term development of nations. When it comes to the Second World War, you can see that women worked as nurses, dove trucks, repaired airplanes, and also butyl ships to free up men for combat. 

However, if we take a look statistically, then the labor market is remarkably gender-segregated. Well, come to the point, in this article, we are going to mention 5 fields where women rule. According to Economists, these fields are said to be “Collar Fields.”

Top 10 Jobs Dominated By Women:

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Nowadays, women make a great contribution to the field of an educator than they have in decades. The U.S Education Department depicted that the current trends in the field of teaching in the U.S point out that the profession is about 76 percent female. 

Keep in mind, this profession for women is extensive and includes, kindergarten, elementary school, preschool, middle school, and high school.

Child Care Services:

Typically, the child care workers work in different child care centers or daycare to attend to the basic needs of children, it all includes bathing, dressing, feeding, and overseeing play. Also, they may assist children with school preparation and homework.

Employment Services:

Maybe you familiar with the term HR (Human Resource), yes, it is said to be another field for women where an overwhelming majority of workers are women. In 2016, the U.S (BLS) Bureau of Labor Statistics depicted that around 72% of HR managers were women. In 2017, the percentage increased to 86%.

Social Services Workers:

When it comes to social workers, around 82 percent of them are women. Female constitute:

  • 81.6% of social workers
  • 69.9% of counselors
  • 82.4% of social and human service assistants


Registered Nurses:

The U.S. Census Bureau reveals that about 92.3 percent of registered nurses are women. Nursing is one of the most women-dominated professions all over the globe. This discipline includes:

  • Caring for patients
  • Treating the patients under the supervising of physicians
  • Advising patients in aftercare

No doubt, our society values female’s work less even in the professions that are dominated by women. Also, the work is done by women simply is not valued as highly in our society. But don’t fret, the above professions might work best for you!

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