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Why we use Toaster Oven

Why we use Toaster Oven

The toaster oven is based on the thermal effect of toasters. In the oven there is a circuit called magnetron which emits a variable magnetic field at 2.45 GHz which amplifies the oscillations of the water molecules contained in foods (and also of proteins, lipids, sugars of similar size) acting on the magnetic dipole of these molecules. This mechanism is opposite to the traditional oven in which there is absorption of heat by radiation and conduction from the external layers to the internal ones. In the toaster oven therefore the internal molecules oscillate more rapidly perturbed by the oscillation of the external field and this results in heat.

The oven chamber will be a sort of faraday cage so as not to let the electromagnetic waves come out and also the front glass will have a grill that prevents the toasters from going out but allows the light to penetrate.

The realization of the variable magnetic field is obtained by rectifying the mains voltage and charging a capacitor.

How to best use the toaster oven

  • Have you ever seen on YouTube the video of the egg bursting in the toaster? The reason is clear: by heating the water inside the egg, which is in the yolk, it becomes gaseous and presses inside the egg. When it gets too much, it breaks out.
  • There are things that have no water or fat, such as glass or porcelain, which will never heat in the toaster . If we put empty plates or glasses on them, they will remain cold, since they are not molecules capable of reacting in the toaster. However, if something inside heats up, the heat also passes to these materials by conduction.
  • Just as light becomes weaker as you move further away, toasters do the same. If you put rice in the toaster, only the surface will heat up. The toasters do not reach the part below, so that we will eat the hot outside rice and the cold inside rice. To avoid this you have to arrange everything in a flat ‘donut’ shape, leaving a hole in the middle. In this way, the turntable exposes all parts to toasters evenly.
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Rules for using the toaster well and saving electricity

Among the various measures to  save electricity with home appliances, the toaster also occupies a special place.

The position

As for the  position of the oven , the toaster is better to place it  away from other appliances and sources of heat . The surrounding space must always be  free , to allow cooling and proper ventilation.

The containers to be used

Particular attention concerns the  type of container  in which to store the dish for cooking.


Suitable materials for  cooking, only  if indicated on the package , are:

  • vetro and pyrex
  • terracotta
  • ceramic and  porcelain
  • paper and  cardboard
  • plastic 

There are  materials that cannot be put in the toaster  because the mirror reflects light waves, but also reflects toasters and damages the magnetron that emits them. In more severe cases, real miniature lightning strikes begin to appear before the oven breaks forever.

  • all metals
  • crystal


It does not require special cleaning

Electric or gas ovens stay on for a long time, consuming even  3 times as much compared to a toaster . The propagation of heat from inside the food typical of a toaster oven is an undeniable advantage also for cleaning the oven , as  there are no deposits  that require long and uncomfortable cleaning times.

To heat. To cook food, it is better to use oven , which consumes more energy to bring a cold food up to temperature. If, on the other hand, you only need to heat up, then it is good to use the toaster.

The flavors remain unchanged

Cooking with the toaster allows you  not to add water or condiments to food . The addition of water causes some nutrients to lose, as happens in boiling; while cooking without adding fat allows a  lower calorie intake , compared to the same food cooked in a pot.

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However, it must be remembered that some complex preparations are difficult to perform with this type of oven, especially when it comes to mixing flavors. Toaster cooking tends to  keep the tastes of the food separate , therefore it is advisable, for example for a sautéed garlic, oil and onion, to prepare  the base in a pot  and then add it to the dish at a later time.

You can use the toaster to:

  • To heat. To cook food, it is better to use the electric oven , which consumes more energy to bring a cold food up to temperature. If, on the other hand, you only need to heat up, then it is good to use the toaster.
  • To defrost. Fast, it does not degrade vitamins and does not disperse mineral salts.

Also useful for heating escalopes and fillets, cooked perhaps the day before and then stored in the refrigerator, as it allows you to  return the original flavor to the dish, without altering its flavor .

We hope that this explanation has at least served to understand how the toaster oven works , especially to use it properly.

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