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Spectrum Wave 2 Router

Spectrum Wave 2 Router


Spectrum wave two routers are a waveless router, and the charter designs it. When any customer’s signup for spectrum wave two router packages, they will get the router device for free of cost. 

It is a perfect wifi solution for multi-device households. Spectrum wave two routers also have a similar device having the same functionalities called askey 802.11ac 4*4. The askey 802.11ac 4*4 is a super high-performance device. The askey 802.11ac 4*4 router delivers up to 2.53 Gbps bandwidth, and with multiple-input, multiple-output technology to all of the connected devices that maintain a fast wifi connection for multiple users connected at the same time.

This is the simply outstanding device that delivers the best performance to the demanding wifi users.

Router options for consumers

When selecting a router, consumers have two options as explained below.

  • Get your own router.
  • Purchase from the spectrum.
  • Get your own router:



There are many options for the customers, they can select any router based on their requirements and needs, but one thing that they should keep in mind while choosing a router, that router should be authentic and authorized to avoid future problems. 

Purchase from the spectrum:

Spectrum provides a free router to its new customers. You can also get your free router device on a spectrum subscription. 

Types of spectrum wave two routers

Currently, the spectrum providing three different types of routers having different specifications. The following are the types of the spectrum there we explained below. 

  • RAC2V1S: Sagemcom
  • RAC2V1K: Askey
  • RAC2V1A: Arris
  • RAC2V1S: Sagemcom:



It is a dual-band 802.11, and it is also an ac router that allows its users to get the fastest speed and stable network connection. You can play video games, watches videos without buffering.

It uses the latest Ac wireless technology. It provides the maximum speed to the users. It protects your internet from the outsiders by using different layers of security. It comes with parental control. It has a built-in USB port.


RAC2V1K: Askey:


It is designed for the commercial and in house wifi service for spectrum users. It is a dual-band router that can provide up to 1700 Mbps speed. It is convenient, and it is easy to setup. It has USB based services. It is perfect for small businesses to experience fast wifi while using a variety of wireless apps and services.


RAC2V1A: Arris:


It is a dual based router that allows the users to connect with the Web through another modem. It has remote control capability. Wireless and wired connections can be used together.

Ip addresses

The external Ip address for the spectrum router is There is an internal Ip address you can find by clicking on the start button on your computer and can get your IP using the command prompt. A small box will pop up, then click enter. The command prompt will be open, and you should type in the IP config and click the enter button. The internal Ip address will be listed to the next default gateway.


There are several functionalities of spectrum wave two routers. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The router provides high wifi speed and stable network connection.
  • Due to its dual-band feature, you can easily watch videos and play video games without buffering.
  • It uses encryption and protects your internet.
  • It is best for small businesses.
  • It allows users to create changes in the router’s setting.
  • Both wireless and wired connections can be used together.


If you have any further questions regarding this, don’t be shy to comment below in the comment section. Do share this article with everyone who don’t know about the spectrum wave two routers.

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