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Why Should You Hire Licensed Electricians in Newtown

Newtown is a suburb in Sydney conveniently located in the inner west region that belongs to the state of New South Wales. The area is four kilometres away from Sydney’s central business district. The heart of commercial and entertainment activities is King Street, which runs on the Sydney University towards Princes Highway in the south.

Based on the 2016 statistics, Newtown has more than 15,000 residents. Most of the people here are living conveniently in their Victorian-inspired houses. One thing that makes them comfortable is having access to a reliable utility source– from electricity to plumbing. Most of all, they always have access to an electrician in Newtown whenever they need one. 

There are a lot of reasons why you should only trust licensed electricians and here are some of them:

Electricity is Extremely Dangerous 

It is a fact that electricity is very important in having a comfortable life and a successful business. However, it is also risky if you are not an expert on it. Electricity can cause extreme property damage or severe injury in just a matter of seconds. In most cases, it could even be lethal.

With a trained electrician, you can always guarantee that they can handle the danger of the different kinds of electrical works. Licensed electricians have gone through several years of education, apprenticeship, and experience, which means that they can safely work even if they are close to electrical sources. 

Apart from having tremendous training, these professional electricians also have the appropriate equipment needed to perform their electrical tasks safely. 

Conformity with Electrical Safety Regulations 

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In New South Wales and any other Australian state, it is required that electricians be licensed before they can start doing any electrical repair or maintenance work. It is applicable for projects in commercial establishments and residences.

The regulations at the state, local, and federal levels are stern when it comes to electrical related works. It covers maintenance, repairs, as well as operation. If you fail to obey these regulations, then it could lead to profound consequences, including fines. 

Saves Time, Money, and Effort

You might think that DIY electrical repair is much cheaper. But this is not true. A failure in your DIY electrical repair could end up costing you more. Electrical issues, by nature, are quite complicated. Professional electricians have gone through several years of training and experience, making them capable of doing it right. Without the skill and proper equipment, it would be impossible to safely execute electrical repairs.

Although there are many detailed instructional videos that you can find on the internet, however, bear in mind that committing mistakes can be very costly. The best thing to do would be to find a professional electrician in Newtown to help you.

Obtain Peace of Mind

Besides getting the job done successfully, you can guarantee that a licensed electrician can protect you against unexpected accidents. These licensed electricians are certified and insured. It means that it will not be your responsibility if something might occur while the electrical work is going on.

Secure Your Assets

Houses are not cheap; therefore, it is only proper that you protect them. One of the best ways to protect your property is to have it maintained by a licensed electrician.


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These reasons should convince you to hire a licensed electrician. It can save you money, time, and effort. Most of all, you can always feel safe when a professional is doing the job.


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