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3 Useful Tips for Beginner’s in Gold Coin Investments

 For centuries, the Government of Western Australia relied on one official bullion mint in the state to produce coins used as legal tender in the country. The Perth mint is the only remaining Australian branch of the UK’s Royal Mint in operation. It is also a reliable source for precious metal investments like gold and silver. For over 120 years till today, it is the only producer of government-guaranteed precious metal bars and coins in the world that every gold and silver investor can trust. 


If you are new in the precious metals investment industry, it is understandable that you feel a little uncertain about your investments’ stability. Here is a beginner’s guide on investing in gold and how to expand your money in this venture. 

Tip #1: Know the Advantages of Investing in Gold 

There are plenty of reasons why you must put your money in gold. First, it is one of the best ways to diversify your investment portfolio. This precious metal is relatively rare, which makes its value consistently increasing compared to other investments. 

Gold is also used as a bulwark against possible inflation. You can also avoid paying capital gains tax if you keep several Perth mint gold coins unless you decide to sell them for liquidation. Having gold coins also has its perks in case of a major financial crisis like whopping currency devaluation. If that happens, you may use your gold coins for buying and trading.  

Tip #2: Learn How to Buy and Manage Gold Coins

If you choose to put your money in gold coins, you must only get it from reputable financial institutions or reliable gold investment dealers. Buying it from the black market can be a risky decision. 

Gold coins sold by individuals or investors must undergo authenticity verification. On the other hand, If you purchase gold coins from the Perth mint, they could provide an authenticity check to give you peace of mind regarding your investment. 

And you may also avoid buying bullion or gold coins if it shows certain signs or ‘red flags’, as they might be fake or counterfeit items. Some of these red flags include gold coins that are either too light and too large. Gold products with a mottled or grainy appearance and imperfect lettering or imprinting are also very suspicious. 

You may also use the magnet trick when buying gold coins. If the gold sticks to the magnet, it means it is a guaranteed counterfeit. Most importantly, it would be best to avoid buying gold coins sold below the original value since they are most likely fake. 

Tip #3: Know How to Store Gold Coins Safely 

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Physical investments, like gold coins, have higher risks of getting stolen. So always make sure that you keep them safe and secured to prevent lawless people from accessing your valuable items. 

As much as possible, avoid touching your coins all the time. You must always keep them in their protective cases to avoid scratches and unnecessary transfer of fingerprints. 

It is also unwise to keep your gold coin investments inside your house, even if you have a safe in your property. The thieves know exactly where to look for your priceless possessions. To protect your investments, choose to rent a safe inside a bank. The facility can secure all your gold coins and other valuables all the time. 

Investing in gold coins can be a smart way to diversify your investment portfolio. You only need to ensure that you buy from reliable sources, and it is adequately secured to protect them.

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