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Why Retiring In Sydney Is Always A Good Idea

Why Retiring In Sydney Is Always A Good Idea

Sydney is one of the most livable cities to live in when in Australia. It has plenty of benefits to offer, but more people consider settling in the city after their retirement. They tend to choose the capital city of New South Wales as their residence during the later years of their life due to its numerous parks like Hyde Park and the Royal Botanical Gardens. 

For this reason, adults who belong to the senior category look for houses in retirement villages in Sydney to settle in and live a happy life. If you plan to stay in Sydney during your senior years, here are some of the things that you must know.

Who Will Likely Retire In Sydney

Those who enjoy living in bustling cities would love to relocate and spend their senior years in Sydney. The diverse city has a population composed of more than 5.73 million people as of 2019, which makes it easy for anyone to meet and mingle with people who share your interests. 

The city is also ideal for senior people who like to take long walks as their form of exercise. It is also one of the best places in the country to bask in the beautiful Australian culture, especially if you want to watch local performances at the Sydney Opera House.

Also, those who want to enjoy excellent weather all year long will enjoy living in Sydney because of its humid subtropical climate. On the average, the temperature in the city during the hot month of January can reach as high as 26 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature during the cold winter month of July can drop to 8 degrees Celsius. These temperatures are perfect for older adults. 

Ideal Places To Retire In Sydney

There are many fascinating areas in Sydney to retire in, including the Potts Point neighbourhood located near the Royal Botanical Gardens, where you can find plenty of restaurants. You may also live near Bondi Beach if you want to stay close to the water. 

While living in the city can get very expensive, you can find cheaper housing options in retirement villages in Sydney located in the suburbs. One of the choices includes the neighbourhoods in Peakhurst in Southern Sydney, where you can find lots of recreation centres and commercial areas. Some of your options include several sports centres like tennis courts, lawn bowls, and soccer fields.  

Health Care Standards

Aside from these features, senior adults will enjoy living in Sydney due to the numerous hospitals in the city. One of which is the Prince of Wales Hospital built in the year 1852, where anyone can get the best care possible. Residents in the city will also enjoy an excellent universal health care system known as Medicare. It also has an efficient mass transit system composed of buses, subways, and trains to help you roam around the area. 

Most importantly, you do not have to worry about your security while wandering around the city since the streets of Sydney are generally safe. With all these in mind, you can enjoy spending your retirement years in Sydney all the time.  

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