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What You Need To Know About House and Business Rekey

What You Need To Know About House and Business Rekey

A lock rekey is to prevent certain people from going in and out of your house without permission. Some people give their best friends, or close family members access to their house. This is for a specific reason; you can replicate your keys from time to time. That is why you need to get home to rekey all the time so that the house will have more security. Our experts at qlp locksmith will help you to get a home rekey. 

What Does Lock Rekey Mean?

Everyone understands what it means to change a lock. It means replacing an old lock with a new one. Yet, how do you rekey a lock? It means you need to change the current lock key to a different key. Nevertheless, you do not need to replace the lock. In order words, you retain the original lock but can no longer use the old key. The experts will take your lock and replace the combinations inside. Each combination series in the lock will respond to the new key that is now used to operate the lock. Although this sounds complicated, it is a simple procedure. We only need a short while given the right equipment.

To do this procedure, the locksmith needs to obtain the current key of the lock. Without the existing key, the locksmith has to find a way to open the lock. Although this is not an issue for an expert, it can cost more for this service. This makes it much more costly compared to buying a new lock.

Going for a lock rekey will not make the lock more secure, or damage the lock’s security. The lock’s security depends on the number of pins inside the lock itself. Most locks have five pins in them. As long as the expert changes five old pins with five new pins, the lock is as secure as it was. If you wish to get more security for your locks, then you should change the entire lock system. Higher security locks are everywhere for sale so get one if you are not satisfied. 

As key pins are rather cheap, going for a lock rekey is always more affordable than getting a new lock. When you rekey your locks, you are usually charged for labor. If you change your locks, you pay for both the key pins and the service.

Another essential aspect to bear in mind is that most locks come with a built-in option. That option is a choice to rekey your locks. Thus you should not worry if the locks can be rekeyed or not. Generally, most of them are. Yet, there are different ways to rekey the locks. This means various tools are needed. Some high-security locks need extra tools to rekey different key pins.

When you want to replace an old key, you can rekey. Moreover, you can match all the keys in the house with a lock rekey. If your home has different locks and each lock has different sets of keys, you find this convenient. Thus, sometimes you might lose these keys. It might be an excellent option to rekey all locks in the house with one key. Our QLP locksmiths will help you out immediately. Yet, to do so, all these locks need to be of the same brand or same keyholes. If your keyholes are different, then you need to get new locks.

So When Is The Best Time For You To Rekey?

The first time for you to rekey your locks is when you are content with your lock. Yet, your current key doesn’t work anymore.

The second time to do a rekey for your lock is when you have different keys for different locks. You want them to match one key.

So Who Should You Look For Rekey Services?

Our experts at QLP Locksmith have all the experts needed to fix all your rekey problems.

Once you contact us, we will make sure that we will give you the service needed to solve your problem. 

We also offer discounts for different people and different age groups. There are also seasonal promotions as well. We reach your location fast with all the needed tools so that we can fix your rekey service fast. We offer the best services and the best pricing and quotes to suit your needs.

Are you looking for rekey services? Look no further, we are the best experts at QLP Locksmith, at your service! Call us, and we will give you a quote and send our experts to your doorstep right away.

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