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Top 5 Tips to Receive a Favorable Settlement on Your Personal Injury Accident Claim

Top 5 Tips to Receive a Favorable Settlement on Your Personal Injury Accident Claim

Nobody knows when and how they will get involved in an accident unless of course if it is premeditated then that is a criminal offense and a story for another day. In an accident scenario, for example, a dog bite or a hit-and-run there is the person in the wrong the one seeking compensation. Studies show that those seeking compensation end up incurring more expenses than the compensation they expect to be awarded. To avoid such an outcome you need to seek the services of an accident claim attorney.

On that note here are some top five tips you have to implement to help with your personal injury claim.

1.   Keep a record of everything about the case

Personal injury claim court cases can drag on for months and in rare cases years and having physical records of everything will increase your chances of winning. Some people will decide to keep a diary where they write everything, from the witness details to court procedures. It might seem extreme but relying on your memory is not recommended in case you are called to the stand many months later.

You need to have a record of your medical data both from before and after the accident. This includes all medicine bottles, prescriptions, and procedures. This also applies to any medical-related purchases you made for the accident. All this information should be shared with your injury claim lawyer because it will help in building a solid evidence-based case. It will even add a few zeroes to your settlement if your lawyer does a great job.

2.   Keep your lawyer in loop about everything

It might sound silly that you are recommended to inform your lawyer about every detail about your life before and after the accident but this helps to seal any loopholes the defendant’s side might exploit. Don’t sign anything without first informing your attorney and certainly do not apply for anything like disability welfare without first passing it by your personal injury lawyer.

Trusting your attorney and letting them into your life is essential because they view your situation from a legal perspective while you might only be focusing on the emotional aspect. For example, if you replace a light bulb in your home the defendant’s attorney will question how you were able to afford that and yet you are unemployed. So, be on the safe side and just run everything by your lawyer.

3.   Always remember the statute of limitation

Different states have their statute of limitations for personal injury related cases. For example, in Texas, you cannot file a lawsuit after two years from the date of the accident. Some victims may decide that they will sue after they feel better and in many cases, recovery takes longer than expected and by then it may be too late for legal action.

That is why you need to contact a reputable attorney as soon as the accident has taken place. If you are not able to instruct anyone who is in the vicinity to it for you. This is helpful in case the victim does not make it through the accident. In such an instance the relations of the victim will pursue justice.

4.   Do not rush to settle your claim

There have been instances where injuries from an accident do not manifest until many months later. That is why it is not legally recommendable to settle as soon as possible. The nature of personal injury claim cases is that they take a long time to get resolved. This is advantageous to you as a victim because crucial evidence may be discovered way down the line.

Even doctors may give you the green light when there is an underlying expensive problem that will only surface the moment you have already settled. It is not possible to predict some of these outcomes but the best rule of thumb is to wait a bit longer and let the lawsuit take a natural lifespan.

5.   Reveal any previous complaints you have ever filed to your lawyer

You have to remember that insurance firms share data amongst themselves. Therefore if you have ever made a personal injury in another state and you forgot about it, they will easily retrieve this information and your current claim may end up being denied. That is why you need to give as much information as possible to your doctor and your attorney of choice.

It will help the doctor to produce an informed report that will increase your chances of winning the case. In instances where you do not remember, then try and do some investigation. Ask your folks or anyone that has known you for a long time. Great personal injury cases are usually lost due to a lack of sufficient information mostly from the victim.

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