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US students scared of future


Due to the pandemic situation of the World, all the students of all the countries are bound to have taken virtual tuitions. As Covid19 led to the biggest change in education World. In the US those international students who were taking online classes could face visas issues.

Thousands of students who are relying on their student visas are now in a fear of being deported. One of the students in the US came back to India before lockdown and start taking online classes theirs without having fear of deporting. But many of the International students are scared of their future now.

One of the students who got a scholarship for the University in the US said that she supposed to join the school in August but according to the current situation all the embassies are closed and visas for an international student are rejected. Some of the students who already got visas for this scholarship in the US are in fear of being deported back to England because of the online workload.

One of the students from India said that he had a scholarship option from Australia, Hong Kong, and the US. He chooses the US because of education quality there. But he was in frustration because maybe he is going to be kicked out by the US. Covid19 causes difficult changes in every field of a country, especially in education and traveling. Everyone is bound along with this pandemic situation of all the countries. Covid19 affects the students badly because of online classes and online workload. Some countries failed to maintain and conduct online tuitions and rist the future of their students.

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