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Understanding a Personal Injury Claim: Types of Damages

Have you or someone close to you endured a personal injury?

Besides your injury, you may worry about serious damages, compensation, or loss of earnings. It is difficult to navigate the types of damages that relate to personal injury claims.

Which one applies to you? Read on to discover and understand some of the most common personal injury claims and types of damages.

Lost Wages

A common result of pursuing a personal injury claim is the effect of lost wages. If you have suffered from personal injuries, you may no longer work or perform expected functions at your job.

Understanding your wage losses and your monetary entitlements will also help identify any potential awarded personal injury compensation.

Loss of Earnings

Loss of earnings differs from lost wages. Consider lost wages an immediate impact. After the onset of a personal injury, you will likely have immediately lost wages.

Loss of earnings is a long-term type of damage. Your injury may seriously prevent you from future work or employment opportunities.

Previous and Future Medical Expenses

Are you worried about your medical expenses piling up as a result of a personal injury? Medical expenses are common types of damages because they can cause economic hardship.

There is an important distinction between previous medical expenses and future medical expenses. Previous medical expenses are all the medical charges you will have to pay directly after your accident before you are awarded any compensation or settle.

Future medical expenses refer to predictions. This is an estimate of any medical bills you may incur in the future due to personal injuries.

Managing Pain

Any pain or suffering you may endure due to your personal injury is an example of a “non-economic” type of damage. However, there may be caps on this type of damage depending on your injury or residence.

Unlike the loss of wages or an impending medical bill that has economic value, the pain of suffering is viewed as a different type of loss.

Damage From Negligence

Damage from negligence occurs when a person’s careless actions cause another person damages or injury. If proven in court, the person who acted with negligence will have to compensate the injured person.

These types of damages involve some form of harm that the courts view as intentional or without care.

Damage from negligence is a common personal claim that could result in an award or settlement, depending on the case.

There is helpful information online to help you learn more details about damage from negligence.

Catastrophic Injury: Serious Types of Damages

Catastrophic injuries are the most serious type of personal injury damage because they can result in a permanent disability or other loss.

Examples of catastrophic injuries include loss of limbs or forms of paralysis.

Understanding Personal Injury Claims Can Help You Longterm

While there are countless types of damages related to personal injury claims, understanding some of these most common issues can help.

Want to learn more about these types of damages? Make sure to read more of our legal articles.

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