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This Is How to Plan an Event for Your Business

A company event can define your company. Research shows that event marketing impacts brand perception.

If you have a great event, people will have a positive perception of your brand. This is important for gaining new customers, retaining employees, and having a profitable business.

The problem for many businesses is that they don’t know how to plan an event. Too many just send out invitations and plan at the last minute.

Take a look at these event planning tips and avoid having an event that people talk about for the wrong reasons.

  1. Define the Purpose

Your event starts with a defined purpose. Why are you having the event? Without the purpose, the event won’t have a coherent theme and could be a waste of time.

You can follow the purpose with clear results from the event. For example, an employee event should result in higher employee retention.

  1. Create an Event Plan

Planning an event takes a bit of reverse engineering. Start with the date of the event. Make a list of everything that needs to happen between now and the date of the event.

You should set deadlines for each task. Some things need to happen immediately, like securing an event space. Other things will come later, like sending out invitations.

  1. Assign Tasks

You can see from your list that you have a lot to do before the event. You don’t have to do everything yourself.

Get a small team together and assign specific tasks to them. Make sure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities, and the deadlines.

  1. Meet Regularly

You have to make sure that everyone on the event team completes their assigned tasks. For many people, this isn’t a priority, so you have to hold them accountable.

Regular meetings ensure that your team stays on task. A team member might have trouble getting dishes, tables, and chairs for the event. In that case, give them a folding chairs buyer’s guide so they can get what they need.

You want to be aware of issues so you can remove those obstacles.

  1. Be Flexible the Day of the Event
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On the actual day of the event, you’re going to be pulled in several different directions. There may be an issue with a vendor being late, staff members call out sick, or something else happens that demands your attention.

If you give yourself a task like registration, you’re going to be stuck behind a table. You won’t be able to handle the things that come up.

You should consider yourself a free agent on the day of the event. You can devote your time to putting out fires as they come up.

How to Plan an Event That People Love

Whether you’re planning a small event that celebrates your employees, or a huge product announcement that changes the course of your business, you need to have a great event.

How to plan an event starts with a purpose. The purpose will drive the rest of the planning process.

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