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Use Lawn Sings for Political Campaigns – How to Maximize Your Investment?


You have the scope of making the most out of lawn signs and banners for your political campaigns, as we have seen in the recent presidential election. To ensure the best results, however, you need to give it some thought about how these signs will be displayed and the locations you place them. You may research various styles of signage other than the outdated conventional designs to bring a better impact.

With many flexible and lightweight materials to make the lawn signs and advanced digital printing methodologies to print your message on to them, your options are endless. Along with enjoying the freedom with an abundance of choices, you need to be careful about the colors and designs you choose to ensure optimum results from the signs. So, if you are considering designing lawn signage for your next political campaign, then here are some important steps to consider minimizing the scope of any mistakes and maximize the results.

Some common mistakes were made

One of the frequent mistakes by ignorant campaign sign makers is to try and fit in Too much information into these signs. They think the more is, the better, but this is not true. As the lawn signs tend to be small and are meant to win one glance of the passers-by viewers, you may select one piece of info to be shared through it and find ways to express it in a minimalistic way. Make the message large and bold to utilize the space for maximum impact effectively.

In the case of political campaigns, what you want to promote may be the contestant’s name or a political ideology, which is what you need to focus on to be displayed in a catchy way to grab attention. You can make a flag or the campaign template as the lawn signs background and project the name or slogan on it using a contrasting color to make the best impact.

Use photos

Another important thing you may want to consider while designing political campaign lawn signs is photos and images on them. Usage of the photo is recommended if you are using full-color printing. Only use high-resolution images to enlarge and print in sharp quality to be put on the signage.  Also, consider the position and alignment of the photo while adding an image. Also, make sure that the background is made simple and does not compete with your photograph’s contrast.


Above all these, the usage of colors to be taken good care of while planning political campaigns on laws signs. You may be tempted to use all possible colors, but it is recommended to be minimalistic in your approach to colors. The most recommended combination is a white background with a darker contrasting text color like blue, green, brown, red, or black. Usage of full-color photographs is also a great option. It is now possible to print 3D or multi-dimensional text, too, with some drop shadows on full-color graphical printing. You may take advantage of the cool-looking trendy graphics of modern times, which can easily grab the viewers’ attention. 

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