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Reba the Chicken goes on Adventure.

This viral news of chicken who was lost and found is making a smile on the faces of viewers. Many pet owners can lose their beloved pets and never found them but here is a story of a chicken who was lost and found after the adventure trip.

Justin is a Facebook user who posts news of his lost chicken Reba after he realized that she had gone missing on the 1st of July 2020. Reba basically jumped into an open trunk of a delivery vehicle and got locked. Justin tried hard to get the details of that vehicle through delivery services. But after a long time, he found out the number of that delivery man and came to know that Reba has escaped trunk in the parking at a Costco where the delivery man was stopped.

Justin was thinking of a prank but it was all real. The family went to Costco in search of their beloved Reba. They reached the parking but Reba was not there. The owner of the Parking lot told them that he saw a big running chicken in the parking lot but one of the women can take her.

Justin requested on a Facebook thorough his viral post to search his chicken. He didn’t want to lose her. While all this happening stuff one of the women posted on Facebook that how he took a big chicken with her at Costco. Both posts went viral on Social media. People start sharing both of them and Reba was found with the help of these social media posts.

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