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China Is a greatest threat to US


According to FBI Washington China is the greatest long term threat to the US in the future. Director of FBI Christopher Wray said in an institute that China is working to compromise Covid19 research in the US and start targeting their nationals living abroad.

Wray Said; China is struggling to become a superpower of the World by any means. In his long speech in an institute, he talks about how Chinese interference in the US by illegally political activities which can effect on US economy.

Us are going to open China-related cases in every 10 hours. According to the director of FBI, there are 5000 active cases currently underway across the country and half are relevant to China. He said that because of the threat to the Chinese government president of China introduce a program “Foxhunt” which gear up the Chinese nationals who are living abroad.

While talking on this topic he added that unfortunately when it didn’t locate on this program. The Chinese government sent an emissary to locate the targeted Chinese family in the US and they have only two options return to China or commit suicide.
Christopher Wray categorized China many times in his Top of the topics. But this time he focused on Beijing to become the only superpower of the World. It clearly seems to the US that China becomes the only superpower over the US.

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