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MIS Webmail – A brief intro and methods to log in

MIS webmail or Eq webmail is a Knowledge system of Queensland Education Department. This is a free teaching format that is funded by the Australian Government.  Due to this Covid-19 pandemic, most of the schools in the Queensland state are unattached from the paid online learning systems. 

So, MIS Webmail takes these steps to fulfill the demand for online learning or online classes in this pandemic. This is all operated by the Govt of Australia. MIS Webmail or EQ Webmail provides different tools and data for small educational institutes. Which they use to learn the students via online systems. They build their organization’s values on social websites through these tools. 

According to Techinciter MIS Webmail is basically used to reach other QG services. It provides complete guidelines to the learners on how can you access these services privately and enhance your knowledge with the help of the internet only. This platform helps the users to manage, change, or monitor their online data. 

What is the MIS Webmail or EQ Webmail?

The Queensland stats has a large guidance structure.  There are several guidance plans that are organized by the authority of Australia. So they help the general public of Australia to execute these plans to overcome the load. These techniques are used by the faculties of different education organizations in the Australian Government. EQ webmail or Mis Webmail is allotted individually to each school. The students and the school administration or teachers can easily communicate through this. Students or parents can easily access the MIS webpage by just entering the specific name and email address. When you try to sign in for the first time a password is generated automatically. And then your password is sent to your email address you can save it for later use. 

Login Method to MIS or EQ Webmail:


The government is providing hundreds of services to the students of Queensland to work online easily. To secure your online work or files they are providing now single login to give security to the users.


Here is the step by step guidelines to Login/Sign-up to MIS Webmail.


  1. First of all, you need to go, the MIS official page.
  2. Now, here you fill up these two columns, username, and password.
  3. If you don’t know your username or password, no need to worry. You can also log in by using your Existing Google or Microsoft account.
  4. After login by any account, you can choose New QGov account by clicking on “Login with QGov account”.
  5. For your ease, to log in again. You can add your new email, a strong password, and your mobile number for backup.
  6. Now, you click on the tick box that you are accepting the terms and conditions.
  7. And simply here we go to the dashboard. 


How to Reset LUI Password: 


  1. First of all, open Page.
  2.  Now, you should input your learner Unique Identifier password that consists of 10 digits to login to your learner account.
  3. If you don’t know your account details to login, please ask your school management they will provide you. 
  4. Now if you want to recover your account you will see there are two ways to recover a forgotten account.
  5. You can recover your account by using OTP that you will receive on your given phone number via SMS.
  6. You will get a link, by clicking on that link you can simply change your password. 
  7. You will receive that link via email too, just open the link in browser and change your password in seconds.


We hope this article will surely help you to fix your problem to get access to your MIS Webmail or EQ webmail account. If you consider it helpful for you please share it with your friends and also share your thoughts in comment section below. 

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