Matt Jackson On If Marty Scrull Was Going To Be The Exalted One

Matt Jackson On If Marty Scrull Was Going To Be The Exalted One

Matt Jackson answers some interesting questions in new Question and Answers

Matt Jackson of Young Bucks recently answered a question on his Instagram story where he answered some interesting questions such as his worst injury. if MJF is really the person he portrays on TV and more.

When asked what was the hardest part about being EVP while she was also an active actor for AEW at the same time, Matt said the hardest part was getting her to prepare for her matches. Get very little time.

The relation between Elite NJPW officials has been the subject of many rumors lately. However, when asked if they would go back to the promotion but Jackson explained that this would not happen any time soon.

”NJPW helped us put on the map and i have been incredibly proud of our physical work for over six years. We won’t be back any time soon though.’

The Dark Order story line has been one of the prominent stories of AEW in recent times. So a fan inquired if the original plans were for Marty Scurll to be revealed as the Exalted One, to which Matt simply replied with ”Nope.”

Apart from this, Matt Jackson also said that Hagman Page will be the biggest star in AEW in a year and revealed that his favorite AEW match ids the one between the Young Bucks and the Private Party.

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