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Is the Lab Rottweiler the Right Dog for You?

Is the Lab Rottweiler the Right Dog for You?

Not sure if you should get a Lab Rottweiler? TheDogDigest can help you decide

Here’s a million-dollar question: pedigree or muttigree? The proponents of both are loud, and we can’t hear scientists from all that noise. This is a debate as old as dog-breeding itself, and the answers depend on who you ask. Your purse-dog lady next door will swear by her purebred Chihuahua, and your hippie relative is all for free love among our furry friends.

But what about intentional mix-breeds? Little is known about these furry combos. Unfortunately, people tend to make uninformed decisions based on cute dog pics or a bunch of stories they heard. There’s a lot to consider in a breed and even more when you add two in the mix. Getting thoroughly acquainted with all the ups and downs of a mixed-breed dog such as a Lab Rottweiler is essential before you make the important next step.

Be a responsible dog owner

If you’re considering buying or adopting a mixed-breed dog, you should make sure to know everything about them in advance. Once you bring Fido home, you’re bound for life unless you decide to be irresponsible and abandon them. You need to get familiar with all their physical and personality traits, as well as potential health hazards.

Keeping track of these things in purebreds is somewhat easier because they come from a long lineage of the same breed. Mixed breeds are much more unpredictable. There’s no telling exactly how their parents’ genes will combine and what they’ll get from either side.

To decide more easily, you need to ask yourself what kind of canine would best suit your lifestyle. Do you lead an active or sedentary life? Do you have kids? How much time can you give to your dog? These factors are vital when deciding whether to go for a certain dog breed. But the Lab Rottweiler is a mixed breed, and accurate information about it is extremely difficult to find.

Both Labs and Rotties are great, but how do they mix?

Labradors are the most beloved dog breed in the U.S. They are known as sweet and loyal companions often used as therapy dogs. Labs are perfect for families with kids, as they are easy-going and intelligent. They are medium-sized dogs powerfully built with short, dense fur. Labs can be yellow, chocolate-brown, and black.

Rottweilers are sturdier than Labs. They are medium-large to large canines often used as police or guard dogs. If treated properly, they are calm and self-confident. They require a firm “pack leader”. These dogs are not ideal for families as they can become aggressive when their herding and guarding instincts are triggered. Rotties are usually dark-colored.

There’s no telling exactly how these two will mix. Doing research about it can be frustrating as there’s a lot of guessing and misinformation circulating on the Internet. The truth is no one can predict a dog’s temperament with certainty. Every dog is different, after all. Still, there are some general rules and things to watch out for.

What are Lab Rottweilers really like?

TheDogDigest has got your back, as it offers an extensive overview of all the possibilities when mixing Labs and Rotties. This website is a useful resource for all current and future dog owners. It provides accurate information that can help you better understand your furry companion or help you choose the right breed for you.

What we learned from the website is that Lab Rottweilers are friendly and energetic giants. When it comes to their built, they usually lean more on the Rottie side, so they are quite large. These are affectionate dogs but can be overprotective and aggressive at times. This makes them unsuitable for families with small children.

Their temperament may vary, but you’re sure to get an active dog that needs lots of space. Locking them up in an apartment is not a great idea. This will hinder their movements and lead to boredom, depression, or bad behavior. Labrottie, as it’s sometimes also called, is better for people with an active lifestyle who seek a companion for their adventures.

Health-wise, this is a sturdy mix and is not too susceptible to health issues. You should look out for problems affecting larger dogs in general, such as allergies, ear infections, epilepsy, etc. One thing to keep in mind is that both parent breeds suffer from hip dysplasia, and Labrotties are especially prone to this condition.

Learn more about Lat Rottweilers

This is only a handful of facts about Lab Rottweilers to give you an idea of what to expect. If this mix looks like a match for you, you can read an extensive article about it on TheDogDigest. You will find everything that might interest you about this awesome hybrid there. Even if you already own a representative of this mix, you can benefit from learning more about them. You can also explore other mixed breeds on th

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