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Are Your Youtube Intros Boring? Try This

Are Your Youtube Intros Boring? Try This

With more than 2 billion users, YouTube has become one of the most popular social media platforms in recent times. According to statistics, approximately 300 hours of video content gets uploaded onto this platform every minute, and globally more than 5 billion videos are watched every day.

That’s undoubtedly a lot of video content! So then, how do you get visibility for your channel? With so much video traffic, you must find some means to set yourself apart from the crowd and captivate your subscribers with your content. A key point to remember is that online users are not very patient, and if you fail to engage them in the first 10 seconds, you face the risk of losing your audience.

Younger audiences (18-29 years) generally are less tolerant of fluff and unnecessary overload of information. They would quickly sift through the initial seconds of your video to decide whether it is exciting or not.

So this is where you can make a difference. Your YouTube intro is what is going to decide the engagement level of your audience and ultimately determine your online presence. So it is imperative that you make the best out of it.

Let us find how you can make a visually appealing promo video that can engage your audience and get you a lot of subscribers.

Keep it Short and Straightforward

A bit of glitz and glam is good, but ensure that it doesn’t get too overbearing and lose the intent of the video. Ideally, an intro of 15 seconds and a video not exceeding 2-3 minutes is the optimum length.

Use Vibrant Colors and Optimum Pace

In general, a video that has bright colors, bright images, and short scenes, captures the most attention. Make sure that the video is neither too fast nor too slow for the audience.

Having unexpected patterns, quirky music, and animation effects ups the drama of the video, making it interesting and engaging.

Convey Your Intent Precisely

Your intro must set the mood for what is coming next. Prepare your audience on what you intend to convey through this video and make sure you do that without losing focus.

Often times, video creators tend to stray away from what the actual conversation is, and the viewer just switches off. It is challenging to get someone back on your channel once you lose that trust of precision.

The Promo Must Sync With Your Brand Image

The colors, visuals, and props you use for your intro must be in sync with your brand image. Your audience must be able to connect the video with your brand, and for that reason, your intro must always be consistent with your overall brand identity.

Intro Must Be Captivating

Your intro must be able to captivate your audience right from the moment the video starts playing. This can be challenging but not completely impossible.

Getting the right combination of all the above factors gets challenging amidst all the prevalent competition. This is doubly true if you don’t have a lot of designing expertise. In such cases, the best deal would be to get the help of a youtube intro maker, which has extensive professional templates sorted for you.

Here are some interesting facets of YouTube Intro makers that make them the best options for creating unique intros for your channel:

High-End Animation

You could never go wrong with a bit of animation. With this promo video maker, you can make video promos that are both catchy and fun. It is incredibly time-consuming to use video editing software every time you need to create a promo.

It makes sense to get the work done using preloaded templates of high-end animation and other visual effects available in the intro makers. You get the option of either creating a promo from scratch or just editing a preloaded template within five minutes.

All you need to do is plan the concept and check from the available options.

Easy to Upload and Create

Once your idea is clear, you need to check all the available resources and upload all the images, logos, and other custom props that you would want to use in your intro. You can also choose from the huge assortment of elements from the extensive library.

These intro makers are extremely easy to use and don’t require any additional designing expertise to get the perfect promo video. Just add your logo, images, props, text message, and background score and preview the outcome.

Almost all the intro makers have simple drag and drop interface that is easy to master. Once you’re done with all the necessary edits, you can click export and Voila! Your video is ready. Just like that!

Wide Assortment of Templates and Effects

Your promo would need the right amount of drama and magic effects to catch the attention of your audience. But if you are scared of overdoing it, you can choose one from the list of preloaded templates that has all the necessary special effects, transition effects, and enter/exit effects that your promo would need.

The fonts you use for your video also play a vital role in your brand image and video engagement. Using the right kind of font sets the tone of your video to the audience. If you can’t find the right type of font for your video, you can select one from the available library.

No Need to Worry About Copyrights

Getting access to a catchy background score for your video can be pretty daunting, as getting full rights for the music can become a pretty expensive process. However,  InVideo gives you access to a vast library of sound effects and background scores that you can use for free, making the entire process less cumbersome.

With an online promo video maker like InVideoyou can make professional-level YouTube promos within 5 minutes, using ready-to-use templates and visual effects. Why elude yourself the chance to get instant YouTube success when it is extremely convenient and also free! Start making video content that is interesting and get yourself plenty of shares and online visibility.

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