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India Becomes 3rd Worst effected country by Covid19

Russia was the 3rd country that broke the record of having a large number of Covid19 cases but India becomes 3rd largest country as a large number of cases reported in one day and total numbers are more than 700,000. 23,000 new cases were reported on Sunday and on Monday there were 25,000 new cases reported according to the ministry of health. This took India to the 3rd worst affected country after passes Russia.

In New Delhi, more than 10,000 waterproof isolation beds were produced for the treatment of new patients. Most of the wedding halls and hotels converting to quarantine centers as there is a big chance to have more than half-million cases reported by the end of this month.

All the schools, shopping Malls, play areas, gyms, cinemas, metro trains, and swimming pools remain closed since March due to this pandemic situation. While other public areas, shops should follow all SOP’s and create social distancing. Also, there is a strict rule imposed on stay-at-home to minimize the number of cases.
As compared to India number of infected people is increasing in South Africa. More than 10,000 new patients were reported in one day in South Africa. New rules of lockdown are imposed. The government has strictly imposed wear a face mask as there is a violation of social distancing in South Africa. Also, Social distancing is violated in some of the cities of India too. Experts and Doctors advise the government to take every possible step to stop increasing the mortality rate due to Covid19.

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