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As wedding photographers, we go above and beyond to try and give the best experience for the bride and groom. we have always had an incredible experience with our brides, but have heard some hard stories from another photographer about couples that didn’t exactly know how to treat them well. we’ve been thinking a ton about this, as we believe it’s a really important part of your engagement and wedding process- knowing how to honor your wedding photographer. Here are a few tips we put together:

* When you begin to say thank you, thank them in your long list of tanks when you are giving your speech, thank your photographer that it is there, it will not make them embarrassed to respect what they have done for you all day.

*Do not forget to write to your photographer to have a meal if you are having dinner on the bed and give them a message most likely they will appreciate staying away from the guest as they spend fifteen minutes eating. The whole time is without permanent virtual silence will re-energize them.

*Write them down after your wedding day even if it’s just a quick text and even if you haven’t seen any pictures of them yet let them know that you liked them to be there. Enjoyed the personality of or that your guest could not comment on. If they send you to feature pictures, please reply that it is amazing many people do not respond or tell us how their photography is because we make some amazing pictures that they will be very happy with but they have no answer. But we need to encourage them and appreciate their work because of the amazing work they do that has brought their hearts a lot of relief. Give them a ton of excitement and let them know which one you like more. Because not only do you improve your work, but they also have a lot of motivation that they try to do less well.

*Send them a gift of thanks I know what you are thinking but I have paid them so it can be just a written note to tell you how much I liked the picture on your wedding favors. The thank you card that you send to your other guests this day or to let them know that you are incredible about your thoughts on their behalf.


*Have healthy boundaries. don’t expect your photographer to respond to your emails at 11 pm (or your text telling them you’ve just emailed them- that’s never necessary)

*Withheld from sending them a perfectly curated Pinterest board with the best of each wedding photographer-if you haven’t realized, your wedding day won’t be the total of the most perfect Pinterest photos in one folder. it will be a reflection of your day – and yes, hopefully, some crazy beautiful shots take your breath away, but not every photo will reflect your Pinterest board. you wouldn’t want it to, anyway. Once you’re married, you’ll want to look back and remember your day- how it felt, smelt, sounded.


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