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How to Advertise your real estate business on Facebook

How to Advertise your real estate business on Facebook

Real estate can be a tough business because finding clients and reaching out to them is a  lot of effort. In other words, you need to list properties, find clients that are trustworthy and yourself establish a trusted brand in the market. People don’t just rush to purchase real estate from any other person. They research well about the past projects of the brand as well as how efficient have they been in terms of their commitment. Real estate can feel like a tough nut to crack but, then like every other business, it has to be advertised.

Real estate businesses can often struggle to keep their leads intact because of inefficient marketing practices. They often rely on non digital sources which have now become limited. Every other business is being powered by digitization and thus being the lead by the storm of digital forces. In other words, digital marketing has become the most efficient marketing tactics in today’s times. The businesses that are not taking advantage of it are not just losing out on some great leads but also on revenue. So, don’t worry!

Sail across the wave of digital and make the most of your real estate business. Wondering how? Tap into the potential of Facebook marketing. Even if you’re not a fan of social media platforms you must have used Facebook once or twice in your life. Facebook is flooded with people, and statistics say it is home to a quarter of the world’s population. The point is that if you can tap into its potential, there is nothing like it. Facebook marketing can help you generate leads, spread awareness about your brand as well as remarket to the people who have shown interest in you. 

If you haven’t realized it yet, we’re talking about creating amazing content that compels your audience to take action. Content is the king in 2020 and there are a lot of things that you can benefit from once you start creating content. And among various kinds of content on the Internet, focus on creating those that are most consumed by users. Statistically speaking, video is the hottest form of content out there. It is watched by all age groups and enjoyed by more than a few people. More to this, every other brand is creating some amazing video content that is bringing them loads of traffic and conversions.

Why Facebook Marketing?

Even though you’ve got a fair idea of digital content marketing and the ways that it can benefit your real estate business, you might be wondering why to pick Facebook as the prime source of marketing platform. Don’t worry, we’ve got the reasons aligned for you. Here are they-

Warms your Cold leads

Facebook Marketing can help you warm your cold leads without a lot of effort. There might be people who have shown some interest in your brand over time. But, due to some reasons, they went cold. Through the help of Facebook marketing, you can get them back to your business. At this stage of Facebook marketing, the aim is to create an awareness of your real estate brand. Get people talking about your brand once again in the market and get your business on a roll.

Generate traffic to your website

The next thing that you can do with Facebook marketing is that you can generate traffic and divert it to your real estate website. But again, this is only possible if you’re creating the kind of thought-provoking content that is offering some value to the customer.  Through the means of links and CTAs your customers can click easily and reach on your website.

Remarket to people

The third kind of activity you can do ith Facebook ads is to remarket your real estate marketing campaigns. There might be customers who purchased from you once and then got lost or someone who showed deep interest in your property but did not complete the purchase. Remarketing to these people ensures that you don’t lose your valuable leads.

No matter what your intent is, you can create videos and target your customers in different ways. Use a professional video editor like In Video and take advantage of its multiple benefits without any hassles. Just make sure you sign up on the platform. One of the best qualities of using a video editing tool is that they are available at free of cost and do not require any prior knowledge or skill in video editing. 

If you don’t believe whether Facebook marketing is effective for the real estate business or not, understand that the brand Zillow publishes over 5 blogs per day and Inmam publishes over 7 blogs per day. This method is then magnified by multiple folds, once you start creating Youtube videos. In case you’re wondering how to advertise on Facebook, follow the information below

Start by Picking the right template

Real estate marketing need not be difficult. By creating Facebook ads on your favorite video editor, you can create amazing stories in the span of minutes! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of time or money. The video editors like InVideo are available for free of cost and designed for the needs of an emerging small business. All you have to do is sign up on the platform and pick the template of our choice. Make sure you pick a bright colored template with the theme of a sale. This can help you grab the attention of your customers in simple efforts. 

Go onto customizing your content. And once you’re done with creating an impact ful real estate marketing video, go onto registering yourself on Facebook’s ad manager. Or simply add the video on Facebook and boost it to watch the response.

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