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A Few Tips for Choosing the Best Dining Room Table

A Few Tips for Choosing the Best Dining Room Table

  1. Choose Quality

If you hope that your dining room table lasts many years and survives the strain and attrition of innumerable dinner parties, choose something sturdy and well made. The best choices are hardwoods like mahogany, walnut, oak or teak. Then there are those tables made of composite plywood. These are durable and economical but never as strong as a hardwood table. Read customer reviews, like these Haverty’s reviews, to find the best table for you.

  1. Consider Glass

Wood is always a nice choice, but glass table tops have the advantage of matching nicely with all types of décor options. Furthermore, the reflective surface is nice and the entire aspect is a lot brighter. They are also far more resilient to scratching and staining than the wood tables. Still you will want to be gentle and avoid heat and rough treatment.

  1. Don’t Discount the Second-Hand Table

If you are looking to add some charm and rustic appeal to your dining room, a second-hand table could be just the thing. A heavyset weather-worn table looks especially good with your rustic chic, farmhouse or industrial heritage décor. You won’t have to fear every time a new scratch or dent appears as these will all mellow out in time and look the better for it. These are especially good options for homes with small children. You will have the peace of mind knowing your young ones are only adding beauty and fond memories to your table’s looks.

  1. Impress Your Guests with Marble

Yes, marble tabletops are a bit more costly then the other options you will find here, but they will always be the envy of the dinner party. You will find those tables crafted of the finest imported marble will be more expensive. But, if you are looking for luxury and beauty, there is no other choice and you should relish your investment. Aside from their unmatched beauty, marble tables have a downside or two. For one, they are especially heavy which means they are best suited for a location you are not planning on leaving. Then they require proper care and maintenance as they are prone to staining and chipping if they are not handled right. Always use placemats and doilies to ensure that your fine marble table is never contacted by foods, liquids or any other damaging elements.

  1. Go Portable
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If you choose a marble table, you won’t want to move it around too much. If you do plan to move about in the next few years, you may think that a marble table is no longer an option. The good news is that there are many marble tables that will work just right for you. Some feature extra sturdy or smaller designs that make them more resilient to transportation. Select a table that can be disassembled for easy transport.


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