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Getting Job In Fashion Retail

Getting Job In Fashion Retail

Do you want to work in fashion retail but don’t know how to go about it and what position to apply? Well, it’s not as complicated as most people would like to put it. Working in fashion retail is the right way for those with curiosity and desire to explore the uniqueness of the fashion business.

It is also an excellent opportunity to develop new skills in sales, marketing, merchandise, stock control and styling which are essential for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the fashion industry in the future. These jobs are available in large street stores or small boutiques such as Old Navy Clothing Retail Company and more.

Fashion Retail Career Opportunities Sales Associates

In most retail fashion stores, a sales associate position is an entry-level job to attend to customers’ requests and queries regarding products sold at the store. It also involves the advertising of the business to reach a broader demographic of potential customers. Sales associates are responsible for welcoming customers into the store and assist them whenever they need help.

Stock Clerk

This is also an entry-level position whereby one is responsible for recording and keeping count of the inventory. Great organization skills are required for this post because the stock clerk will have to memorize and maintain the sales floor.

Stock Lead

Another excellent career opportunity in fashion retail is the stock lead who works together with the shift manager to oversee attendance and proper implementation of the company’s policies. In general, the stock lead regulates the performance of stock associates and clerks.


A cashier working in a fashion retail store bears the responsibility for all money transactions made throughout the day, packing items bought and handling requests and complaints made by customers.

Cashier Lead

Also known as the head of the cashier department, the cashier lead is responsible for the overall performance of that particular department. His/her duties include making sure all transactions are recorded, making daily attendance checks of cashiers in booths and making sure they maintain excellent working performance.

Customer Experience Associate

A customer experience associate is an essential position in fashion retail businesses. Usually, this person is responsible for maintaining customer relations, advertising products, and other offers directly to customers and also resolving all complaints and concerns raised by customers.

Shift Supervisor

A shift supervisor is responsible for maintaining a specific number of people working in a retail store for certain amounts of hours as per the expert time organized by the company.

Assistant Manager

The primary responsibility of an assistant manager is to help the general manager with branch duties. These duties include stock maintenance and employee training.

General Manager

The general manager is responsible for the daily operations of the branch. Other primary duties include new employee training, stock maintenance, and updating employees to implement the company’s new policies. They are also the top earners in the retail store employee chain.

Essential Skills Needed To Work In A Fashion Retail

Fashion jobs are as competitive as any other career; therefore, they require applicants to have a particular skill set suit for the job. The general skills needed for anyone looking forward to working in a fashion retail store are;

  • High creativity
  • Good eye for fashion and ability to recognize future trends
  • Good analytical skills
  • Excellent commercial awareness
  • Confidence and presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to make decisions under pressure
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Relationship building skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Ability to apply business dispute settlement mechanisms while dealing with customers complaints and requests

Apply Now

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Our mode of application is through creating an online profile on our website for applicants unable to make applications in person or look for the nearest old navy branch and deliver the application in person. While doing so, applicants are advised to dress appropriately for the occasion.

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