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10 Healthy Fast Food Items Under $10

10 Healthy Fast Food Items Under $10

Do you need to grab some food on the go but still need to watch that waistline and credit? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten healthy fast food items under $10. The foods listed here are the ones from usual favorite fast food restaurants which are healthier than most offered on the menu. Amazingly, some fast-food restaurants are willing to go out of their way to get food certified vegan and healthy. Now, without further ado, let’s begin with the count down.

Ten Healthy Fast Foods For Less Than $10

Egg McMuffin

Most of us are familiar with this iconic and quite essential fast-food sandwich offered by McDonald’s Food Company for $2.79. Start your day with a decent portion of egg McMuffin burger. Eggs are extremely high in good fats and proteins, and the yolks contain antioxidants like gluten and vitamins like choline essential for brain health. If you toss aside the bacon and high greasy hash browns you’ll now have low fat, high protein, and energy-packed booster for your busy mornings. Packed with around 290 calories, it is perfect for about 3% of your daily recommended amount of protein and has only 12 gm/s of fats.

Pizza Hut Garden Party Thin Crust Pizza

What could be healthier than this, absolutely nothing plus who can resist a delicious slice of cheesy heaven? When you’re on a diet pizza is something many try to stay far, far away from but what if you can enjoy pizza and not feel like you’ve consumed gallons of grease? Pizza Hut Restaurant Company has the solutions for only $8.49. The thin crust pizza is a great choice with minimum calories compared to other types of pizza. It’s only made of vegetables perfect for those who don’t want to gain weight.

Subway Turkey Breast Sub

The best option whenever you go to Subway Restaurant Company is the Turkey Breast Sub for only $4.25, but you’ve got to be careful while selecting your topping options for sandwiches. Adding too much cream sauces or olives can jack up the calories count right away and leave you feeling not so hot. The average topping options come up to about 290 calories depending on the toppings you choose. Always remember to keep the cheese off the sandwich to reduce calories.

Taco Bell Shredded Chicken Burrito

Taco Bell Fast Food Restaurant has included a shredded chicken burrito option to their menu for $1.79 that will not bust your genes open after consumption. It is a combination of shredded chicken, seasoned rice, cheese, avocado and you’ve got the option to add guacamole, eliminate the beef and go for the vegetarian bean option and more. It comes down to a minimum of 420 calories depending on what else you put on it.

Veggie Burger

The veggie burger is healthy food offered by Burger King Fast Food Restaurant for $3.29 is not
only a nice and healthy choice but also surprisingly delicious. It is adequately spiced and moist
with consistency that’s staggering close to the real thing and similarly sized with low fats and
protein. The vegetarian Pattie is a smart and tasty choice when you’re pressed for time.

Premium Grilled Chicken Classic

More in our list, we have the classic grilled chicken which is like a more sensible adult version of
the McWrap Chicken both offered by Mc Donald’s Food Company for $3.99. What makes it so much healthier than others is the fact that it comes with a much better bun, lettuce, and tomato. The grilled chicken classic also contains about half of the recommended amount of protein one should consume daily, making it an awesome choice when you don’t have enough
time to prepare a meal.


Wendy’s Fast Food Restaurant chili is a great healthy fast food option to add to your list available for only $7.19. Not only is it vegetable-heavy but also loaded with a vast amount of
fiber, along with the protein from the ground beef. The chili kidney beans provide another awesome source of protein as well as an essential source of fats that your normal burgers and
fried scrambles don’t provide.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken

If you’re craving chicken for lunch break but don’t want to settle down with a greasy bucket, Kentucky Fried Chicken Fast Food Restaurant – KFC offers the grilled chicken option for $3.99
that’s better than the fried recipe and crispier for that matter. It cuts down on the excessive fats and lowers in sodium, cholesterol, and calories. Additionally, chicken is the best animal
protein source essential for your health.

Barbacoa Tacos

Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant Company offers Barbacoa Tacos which are quite tasty and a great healthy option sold for $2.75 per piece. Ordering three of the shell beef tacos means
you’ll have half of the fats of one of chipotle’s burrito but still retain a good chunk of the protein and will only be consuming around 500 calories. If you add some fresh tomatoes, you’ll
be adding fiber making it a well-balanced, fresh and delicious meal. Do not give up on finding the healthiest food choice yet this website has menus with prices listed which are good alternatives for those who want to eat healthy foods.

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