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Five years since Germanwings crash: Memorial canceled due to coronavirus


Initial service included relatives of the victims, instead two French municipalities offer floral wrap and taking a minute’s silence.

On the fifth anniversary of the 9525 flight of Germany, Suvorgan hosts unconventional services from Tuesday. In which all 150 people on board the ship were killed in southeast France.

Initial surveys determined to include survivors of victims from Germany to Spain and other countries had to be terminated due to the Coronavirus. Instead, crying in the French municipality in floral wrap Vernet, and placing near the crash site and taking a minute’s silence. In Haltern is See in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, all church bells rang at 10:41 a.m. (9:41 a.m. UTC) to commemorate the exact time that it occurred, according to broadcaster Deutschlandfunk.

Sixteen high school students and two teachers of the current run dead, including 17 Germans, This flight was going from Spain to Barcelona, Germany to Dusseldorf.

investigators determined that the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz deliberately caused havoc. Earlier he had cured suicidal tendencies and ”was disqualified by his doctor for work.” And he also said that in the days before the accident, he was ”ways searching for suicide” and ”cockpit doors and their security.”

The devastation resulted in trauma all over Europe, and as a result of these rules, 2 pilots were in the cockpit all the time.

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