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Donald Trump said that China is misguiding the whole situation


At Independence Day of US on the 4th of July, there were such larger gatherings in the US States having chances of more cases of COVID 19. President of USA Donald Trump claims that approximately 99% of the COVID 19 cases are totally harmless in the country. As many of the countries broke a new record of COVID 19 cases in the World. Florida City has been reported by more than 11000 new cases.

Without obeying SOP’s there is a large gathering and celebrations on the 4th of July knowing that there is a great chance to have more cases in such a large gathering. China was blamed by Donald Trump about this Virus and pandemic situations. Gave hope to the citizen that vaccine will be available at the end of this year. There are more than 2.8 million cases reported in the US and 130,000 Deaths. More than 45000 new cases are reported within 24 hours.

Donald Trump said that China is misguiding and misleading the whole situation and claims that more testing causes more cases in the US country. According to Donald Trump Statement, the US has more frequent and good testing all over the World and ventilators as well. Trump said that we are producing PPE’s and surgical masks in our foreign lands. “China was the main reason for spreading this virus across 189 countries in the World. China must be held fully accountable” said Trump.

According to Trump’s words we have tested 40M people and 99% are totally harmless although he assures that vaccine solution will be available before the end of the year.

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