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5 Best Movies for online streaming During Quarantine

5 Best Movies for online streaming During Quarantine

Self-isolation is a difficult thing if you don’t have any work or activity to do. As you know, we are still spending ourselves in quarantine due to COVID-19.  These are stressful days, but you can make it useful and enjoyable if you have some interesting activities to do.

For the movie’s lover, this time is best to watch online streaming movies by which they know about more amazing things.  By watching movies, you can spend time with your family at home and enjoy these movies and learn so many incredible things.

However, there are still some people who often asked about the most popular and best movies for online streaming during the quarantine. We have to write about the 5 best movies for online streaming during quarantine that you can enjoy in this stressful lockdown situation. So take some time and watch the list; hopefully, you will enjoy our recommended suggestions.

My neighbor Totoro

Studio Ghibli always brings amazing selection, but its Hayao Miyazaki’s 1988 animated movie is a wonderment. It is the purest classic film as there are so many worse moments to introduce the children and adults.

This movie is all about the difficulties of family upheaval and the consolations of real magic. The story begins when two sisters Dakota and Mei, move to the countryside along with their father and sick mother. They stumble into a magical world beyond the expectations. You can watch this movie at 123moviesfree.sc

A brighter Summer Day

A brighter summer day is the oldest film and best for online streaming during the quarantine. It is a story of a young teen named Xiao and attempts a standardized test. He attends a night school populated by other boys who have splintered into roaming street gangs.

This film talks about the great array of human-centered themes like the eager search for guidance during adolescence. This movie shows the everyday hardships of parenthood, the volatility of young love and friendships, the teenage made myths, the fatal and irreversible consequences of animal life.

Moreover, Edward Yang also deals with highly sensitive political issues. In this quarantine time, it is best to watch and learn a lot of new things.


Martin Scorsese made an amazingly rich story at age 77, and it called Irishman. He had already planned this film but delayed for true-crime streaming films and tv shows. This film story made on the base of the book “ I heard you Paint House.”

The book is written by Charles Brandt, who tells the story of Frank Sheeran. In the movie, he is a truck driver and becomes a hitman who involved with mobster Pesci and his crime family. Irishman is a great learning story that you can watch online during quarantine and learned a lot of new things.

Billy Elliot

If you really want to learn some amazing dance, then here is an amazing film to watch online in this lockdown. So tighten your belt and clear the floor for some dance. Billy Elliot grew up in England and want to go to school to learn some boxing.

But he failed in boxing classes, and then he follows the secret dance classes with dance teacher Mrs. Wilkinson. Dance is the newfound love that keeps him going, but his friends and family never understand. However, Billy gets the chance to audition for London’s Royal Ballet School and prove himself.

The Princess bride

The princess bride is the perfect story of beautiful farm owner Robin Wright. He loses the love of her life, Westley, and she believes her life has to be over. Well, she agreed to marry Prince Humperdink, who is a spoiled person.

After that, she finds herself kidnapped by an unlikely band of criminals. It is such an interesting story for online streaming during the quarantine.

Final thoughts

Covid-19 is a stressful situation for all of us. Some people are fighting against corona, and others are in lockdown. People are getting fed up by this long quarantine condition. But there are so many wise people who are utilizing this time effectively by doing their interesting activities.

Watching movies do not mean you are just watching for fun; these have some amazing lessons, and we learned a lot by these. Therefore we put a list of 5 best movies for online streaming during the quarantine. These are the best ones as well as have some lessons.

We hope that you will find this interesting. After reading the article, let us know about your views in the comment section.

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