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CocoFax Is Here For You So That You Can Fax By Email Easily

CocoFax Is Here For You So That You Can Fax By Email Easily

Some people might have a viewpoint that with the passing time, fax passed too. And some of you might even think that faxing is something that no one knows of in this present advanced era. But that is totally a misconception.

It is true that faxing was pushed back due to lack of the resources it needed and also due to the new and fresh arrivals in the communication world, but the thought that fax is dead is definitely not true. What if we tell you that faxing is still in use and in fact, it is one of the oldest communication ways that is still alive and is used by millions today. And if you didn’t know, quite a lot of faxes are being delivered each day.

Wondering what’s the reason behind fax still being alive? Well, you’re at the exact place to find all the answers. Faxing is not like it used to be in the past. It has changed a lot in recent years and that is an effective change.

The tech and innovation experts have merged fax with one of the best new-era innovations that is Gmail and the results are extremely outstanding. And God, this is so much better than all the bother of using the big fat fax machines.

Is Fax by Email Even Possible?

The question that arises now is how does all this happen? Is this even possible or is this just a fantasy? How can an old and a new thing combine so easily? Well, don’t you worry. We have answers for all of the questions that are popping up in your head right now.

Fax by email is a wonderful idea but the real difficulty comes at the time of its implementation. Trying to combine these two, fax and email, is not as simple as you think. It won’t simply work if you directly try to mix them up. And the reason behind this is that fax uses analog signals to work while email operates on the base of digital signals. This gives rise to a bothering incompatibility. But that is why we have the tech experts.

There is a way for the fax and email to work in concert and that is to use an online fax service. An online fax service does the work of an interpreter and interprets the work of these two media so that they understand each other efficiently.

Well, this was not the only obstacle in the way of online faxing by email. Another difficulty is to pick the right one and the most suitable fax service that is genuine and not a scam. But we are here to solve every concern of yours. And that is why we have worked hard to put the best fax provider in front of you.

CocoFax – Fax Service That Proves To Be The Best

CocoFax is one of the best online fax providers that provide so much more than just email faxing. With CocoFax, you not just can fax by email but also through many other platforms as well. And I assure you, not a single one of these methods will require a fax machine or any other absurd necessity like paper and toner etc.

CocoFax Is Here For You So That You Can Fax By Email Easily


CocoFax has completely eradicated the need of a fax machine. Fax machines are never needed if you are using CocoFax hence if you already have one, you can now get rid of its burden and throw it out without any second thought. Bye to all the cost of paper and toner. Bye to all the hassle of maintaining these things. And bye to the telephone lines too.

With CocoFax, you gain admittance to different propelled highlights like worldwide faxing, lasting capacity, 24×7 uptime, and obviously the capacity to fax to email and email to fax. CocoFax offers you to not just send a fax by email but receive it in the same way too. You will be getting your faxes along with your regular emails on your email account.

CocoFax Is Here For You So That You Can Fax By Email Easily

Requirements for CocoFax’s Email-to-Fax

Besides its simplicity and convenience, CocoFax also needs some things without which it cannot work. Find all about it at Google Fax Free. No worries, these requirements are definitely not so difficult and hard as the ones needed at the time when faxing was done through fax machines. You just need to keep in mind a few simple things.

An Email Account

Well, faxing through email will definitely require an email account. Many of you would already have it. And if you don’t, its super easy to create one. Any of the email clients will do, Gmail, Yahoo or any other. CocoFax relaxes you a lot here.

Internet Connected Device

CocoFax allows faxing to be done through a lot of devices or gadgets. But the main point is that the device must have an internet connection because CocoFax cannot operate without a web.

CocoFax Account

And when you are thinking about using CocoFax for the purpose of delivering faxes by email, you must keep in mind that first you will be asked to create an account. Without signing-up to CocoFax, you cannot use its services. Simply create one using their website.

CocoFax Is Here For You So That You Can Fax By Email Easily

Fax Number

If these were the past days, getting a fax number would rather be a difficulty but thank god that we live in the modern era and luckily CocoFax is here for us. CocoFax provides a fax number that is totally free and does not cost you even a cent.

CocoFax Is Here For You So That You Can Fax By Email Easily

The Most Effective method to Send a Fax by means of Email

The main distinction between sending an email to fax and email to email is that you send it to the recipient’s fax number, trailed by “”, rather than their email address.

Step 1: Register for a CocoFax account. It just takes a couple of moments. You can utilize any gadget like your telephone or PC for joining. During the initial segment of the sign-up, you’ll be approached to pick a free fax number. No, we are not joking, you choose your fax number yourself. Make certain to enlist the email address you wish to send and get faxes from during this stage.


Step 2: Now we’re at the phase where we compose the genuine fax. It’s a great deal like composing an email. Pick the “New Email” choice in your email account.

The “To” field is the place you typically compose the email address of the beneficiary. For faxing purposes, you put the fax number of the receiving individual here. The ‘subject’ shows up as a note at the highest point of the fax. You don’t have to give it necessarily as it is optional.


The email body turns into the cover page of the fax you’re going to send. The spread page, on the off chance that you don’t know, is the primary page of the fax and is not that much compulsory.

Finally, you can fax a wide range of archives by email, much the same as you do with a normal fax machine. Simply attach the file(s) you wish to fax. Press on “Send” after you’re finished. You will get an affirmation in your inbox when the fax arrives at the beneficiary effectively. The affirmation will likewise show up on the CocoFax dashboard, which you can access from any internet browser.

Receive Faxes through Email

How would you get a fax on your email ID? Well, it is super easy if you are using CocoFax. Any approaching faxes to your fax number will be changed over to emails and sent directly to your inbox by CocoFax.

Receive Faxes through Email

Fax to email by means of an online fax administration is practically momentary. It’s additionally exceptionally secure – no one but you can peruse the fax and nobody else.

Ending Notes

With this, we end our guide on the best way to fax using email. To summarize everything, you can send a fax from your email ID or get a fax on your ID with the assistance of an online fax administration.

An online fax administration like CocoFax is significantly more fit to the motivation behind fax from email since it definitely diminishes your overheads, spares time, and gives you access to numerous valuable highlights.

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