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Circumstances Distillery launches gin created using AI technology

Circumstances Distillery launches gin created using AI technology

The UK-based Circumstance Distillery is gearing up to discharge Monker’s Gaukel, a new gin made using an artificial intelligence (AI) program.

Circumstance has partnered with technology scientists Tiny Giant and Rewrite Digital, who developed and improved the AI called Ginette.

The program was trained to understand and analyze thousands of botanical jin recipes and to lear a database of more than 500 names. The AI decided on Monker’s Garkel, which is described as a fragrances gin.

The 40% ABV spirit features juniper berry, coriander seed, angelica root, raspberry leaf, gooseberry, prune, clementine zest, orange zest, and marigold.

An automated algorithm created a label using a curated of styles, colors, textures, and fonts that were then formulated by artist Tim Sutcliffe.

Liam Hirt, co-founder of Bristol-based Circumstance Distillery,” AI and machine learning are exciting new tools. We end a lot of contracts and want to know if these tools could make a meaning full contribution to product development.

”Currently, this is not a substitute for user expertise, but we have clearly shown that they can make a valuable contribution to all aspects of the development process, from the recipe to the naming and label. We trained Ginette well, and with a little humanitarian assistance and guidance, this product is interesting and most importantly fun.

Kerry Harrison, the co-founder of Tiny Giant, added: ”We’ve loved every minute of this project. The creation of Monker’s Garkel has demonstrated that it’s perfectly possible to align machine predictive power and human creativity to make something delicious, valuable and commercial.”

The first Monker’s Garkel batch will be a limited edition of 1, 000 bottles with each 50cl bottle for 42.


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