Home Health/Nutrition Woman with cerebral palsy achieves ‘virtually impossible’ weight loss

Woman with cerebral palsy achieves ‘virtually impossible’ weight loss

Woman with cerebral palsy achieves 'virtually impossible' weight loss

A Norwich woman with cerebral palsy talks about how losing weight changed her health.

Marie Cockman, 35, suffers from a cerebral palsy and after having lost her mother to kidney disease in 2012, has had health issues. 

Only with one kidney and with diabetes that his parents had both threatened. He was told that he needed to lose weight immediately to prevent further deterioration in his health.

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He tried to feed himself several meals at home but found that losing weight without any support or responsibility was practically impossible.

Miss Cockman decided to give her local Slimming World group a try and more than two -and -a -half stones lost her health general improvement as well as enable her to walk down the aisle as a bride on her best friend’s wedding.

Ms. Cockman said about her weight loss, not only was my blood sugar completely normal and my health improved, but my confidence was restored.

”I used to buy clothes that would just cover me up-now I love shopping and buying clothes that actually fit me. I’ve made so many new friends and love being part of a great group.”

Miss Cockman attends the Tuesday morning Mile Cross group that meets at the Phoenix Center at 9:30 and 11:30 run by Sarah Loades.


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