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Can I get internet services without visiting a local store?

The world moves rapidly and we are functioned according to that. We all know that corona is a fatal disease and it is advised by the authorities and health care specialist that we should stay indoors. People who are older than 60 and more specifically the age group from 70-75 are at a higher risk of getting affected by the virus. The best thing to do is to take precautionary measures as told by the health care professionalisms as they say, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Another awaited challenge was to cater the economic condition of the companies because there is an increase in the number of unemployment. If companies will remain closed people will lose their jobs. Now the online work from home system is adopted by almost all the companies within the United States and it is followed by all the countries internationally as well. Internet is the need of the hour, without having a good internet connection we cannot keep up with our daily life tasks from work to school. Since the stores are not operational you can opt for other options available in the market.

Spectrum is a high speed cable internet provider and they are offering online services through which you can sign up for new internet services as soon as possible. You just need to be vigilant and make a call on spectrum phone number with all the required information that you will be needing. Their representatives are more responsive as there is a huge load on the lines, because more people need internet services. They are available 24/7 during all week and you can take all the details on the phone about internet speed options, packages, promotions discounts and all the procedure.

There is an option on “” where you can choose “Live Chat” option in case, due to any reason you cannot make a call, you can type in all the questions related to your internet requirement and their representative will respond on messages online. Moreover, you can visit their page and note down all the information that you may need.

I will mention the packages for your ease so you will be able to save your time.

Base speed for internet Wi-Fi:

The internet speed that Spectrum offers, varies from location to location. The minimum speed that they are offering currently is 100 Mbps per sec which can be 200 Mbps too, in most of the areas (depending upon the location). The price for both these packages is a discounted rate of $49.99 almost, per month. This is a very high speed internet. You can easily connect various devices with it at the same time, including your laptop, tablets, mobile phone, Smart TV’s.

The second and the high speed internet speed option:

The other option that Spectrum is offering presently on discounted rate is 400 Mbps per sec. You can choose it if you have a large family and there are many people working from home or, taking online classes. This is an ideal and preferred choice of larger families. It costs $20 more than the basic speed so it will be around $67 per months. You can easily connect 7 to 8 devices at the same time and you will not face any trouble.


The ultra-highest speed for internet:

If you are an internet geek and you love to play online games on PS4 or X-box like COD, PUBG, FIFA then the ideal internet speed for you is 1 GIG. It can be a little expensive, but if you can afford it you will be getting a blazing fast speed internet and you will be able to play your favorite games without facing any speed lags. It is an ideal speed for every task, be it work from home, online college or school classes or entertainment. One thing is guaranteed, you will never see the buffering or page loading sign again on your screen. This package costs you around $100 per month. The price can be a bit higher but it is definitely worth it.

This is not it, there are other perks too:

There are added benefits that comes along when you choose Spectrum internet. The internet plan is truly Unlimited and there are no data caps that means you can download as much as you want. They are also giving free internet modem along with any package that you will choose. You will also get a free access to nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots that allows you to connect with your internet anytime on the go. You can connect your devices with internet while waiting for the subway or while doing a walk. It makes you internet access more easy for you.

Wrapping Up,

You can get services installed just by a phone call and all the equipment will be shipped to your address and you will not have to go and visit a store outside. Stay safe and follow all the precautions for your safety and the safety of your loved ones. You can easily get a high speed internet connection while sitting at home.

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