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Benefits Of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

Benefits Of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) is a therapy developed in the 1980s’ by the therapist Marsha Linehan. The main purpose of the therapy was to help suicidal victims by equipping them with the skills needed to handle intense emotions and not to be at the mercy of suicidal thoughts. This therapy is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and has been counted to be one of the most effective in mental treatment and healing. While I won’t be able to go into the history of it or how it works, in this article, I will explain all the benefits of taking a DBT. On the side, if you’re looking for the best DBT results, check this DBT center.

Disorders That Can Be Treated With DBT

  • Depression; depression is one of the deadliest mental disorders alive today. It kills hundreds around the world every month. In the United States alone, about 80% of male deaths are caused by suicide. But thanks to the adoption of therapies like the DBT, many depressed victims are able to live longer in productivity, peace, love, and happiness. All you have to do is contact the closest DBT center around you to schedule sessions with you.
  • Addiction And Eating Disorder; one of the most powerful skills that victims are equipped with is mindfulness. Though already present in the individual, mindfulness is brought into the awareness of the victim after several sessions with the therapist. Once brought into awareness, mindfulness is then used by the individual to carry out every daily activity. Eating mindfully, in opposition to eating obsessively, does not only bring the individual to see their obsessions but also to stay in charge of their portions and their mastication as a process. Same for drinking. If you drink uncontrollably, your therapist may tell you to always remember to bring your mindfulness to what you do.
  • Bipolar Disorder; here are the signs that you have bipolar disorder; moodiness, overconfidence, uncharacteristic impulse behavior, inattention, an uncharacteristic period of aggression and anger, and frequent sadness. If you noticed any of those signs lately, then you have either of the 4 types of bipolar disorder namely; cyclothymic disorder, bipolar II disorder, bipolar I disorder, and bipolar disorder. After several sessions with your therapist, you’ll be capable of tolerating the emotions that tie in with mood swings. You’ll also learn a set of behavior changes you need to make whenever at the mercy of emotional reactions.

Self Harm; there are several mental disorders that can lead to self-harm. Self-harm can be in various forms. It can be doing drugs, smoking weed, and going on a sex marathon. The highest peak of self-harm is considered to be suicide. If you’re always tempted to harm yourself or treat yourself in a negative way, then a dialectical behavioral therapy will be great for you. Though it depends on the level of your mental health, the DBT session may last a year or even more before victims can overcome self-harm.

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